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  1. Ummmmmmmmmm well, I just looked at the menu for Maximilien...classical French...maybe similar to Rover's? Which would you say is the better...if I go that route? I realize ChezShay is something entirely different...just remember loving my dinner there.
  2. OK...it's a romantic dinner for two in celebration of my birthday...We take the ferry from Bainbridge, so would prefer something within walking/short cab distance. I've narrowed it down to Chez Shay (we ate their once years ago and I remember loving the atmosphere as well as our meal) or Rover's (which we have not yet been to). Other thoughts? Thanks!! Charcoop@yahoo.com
  3. Squeat...we'll be trying Acquerello I believe. Bye the way..here is our current reservation list. I'm still undecided on the dim sum lunch...between Yank Sing, City View and Gold Mountain it's hard to decide. At any rate...we will be going to: One Market Jardiniere Gary Ganko Fleur de Lys Elizabeth Daniel Masa's and either Farallon OR Acquerello. I know....it's a LOT...but we no longer live in California and miss the wonderful restaurants...so, when we go...we really do it up! Charcoop
  4. OY VEY what have I started...LOL Just wanted some restaurant advice...please...not fighting over this....LOL
  5. Woody..thanks for the Burbank update. Well, I cut my teeth on Smokehouse Garlic Bread...AND recently found a recipe online that comes VERY close to duplicating it! Not quite the same as sitting in one of their red naugahyde booths..but darn close. Yes, and I 'cruised' Bob's Big Boy when in High School (Burroughs!!) Well, I think all things considered we'll make a return visit to The SmokeHouse....Thanks!!!
  6. These are far-flung but all part of the same big trip. Need a great Dim Sum restaurant while we're in SFO..and, back to my hometown Burbank...has anything new and tasty come along in the past few years? I grew up eating at The Smoke House...that's all I know...LOL . Thanks
  7. I just made a reservation...OYSTERS...YUM! Should be cooler your way by mid-October I hope! Thanks
  8. Thanks, pho and marie-louise! Well, we're really only interested in restaurants right in Sonoma for that part of our trip. After Sonoma we have a week in San Francisco. Yes, we've been to Chez P. I hate to tell you how many years ago...LOL..but it was wonderful from the very start. Now...I'm looking for the best of the best dim sum in SFO! Thanks for all the help...keep the suggestions coming! charcoop@yahoo.com
  9. Thanks, marie-louise. Well, perhaps someone who is familiar with Sonoma restaurants can help me out. I have reservations at the following and have two more evenings to fill... Piatti The General's Daughter Cafe' Le Haye The Girl & The Fig La Poste
  10. Might be a long-shot, but an anyone recommend a great/good seafood restaurant in Sonoma? Thanks!! Char charcoop@yahoo.com
  11. It was years ago...but we have actually been to Jenner and I remember loving it. I'm a California native (transplanted to WA) and have taken numerous driving trips all throughout Northern CA over the years. So much to love about it! Back to dinner....I have all dinners in San Francisco booked, but I can't say that I've found a great Northern Italian restauant...and nothing I've been to previously comes to mind. Any suggestions? Thanks so much ! Char charcoop@yahoo.com (I check email throughout the day)
  12. Thanks to those who wrote the last two posts...You are all so very helpful in our quest for great food experiences on this trip!
  13. Thanks for the great suggestions, Roz. Of those you mentioned we've only been to Farallon previously...and that was for lunch shortly after it opened. I forgot to mention that we also love seafood..and I think Farallon will be one of our choices to fill that longing. We'll probably stick to Sonoma restaurants as we're attending meetings with early AM starts. These are the ones that look good so far...any commments: The General's Daughter, Cafe Le Haye, The Girl and the Fig and Le Poste. Thanks!!!
  14. I'm very new to this board...can you tell me how to check existing threads..? (sorry to be techno-impaired)
  15. Hello all! We will be in San Francisco and Sonoma for 5 nights (DINNERS !!) each in October. Would greatly appreciate some recommendations. Not on a budget and don't mind dressing up (or down). We love French, Italian, eclectic- California style. Looking for the best in food and service....not especially the most trendy places...unless they are one in the same. I'll check back or you can email me at charcoop@yahoo.com Thanks so very much!!!
  16. Kimo...I know of a wondeful restaurant in Gig Harbor....The Beach House...we dine there every so often with friends who live in that area. It's good but a long drive for us....(yeah, we're lazy....it's about 45 minutes). I have heard about Wilcox House and have called once or twice to see about dinner or an overnight excursion. Both times the person answering the phone was a mite snooty...so I'm not sure I'll call again. I think the breakfast dive you speak of in Poulsbo is Sheila's Bay Cafe. It's a good dive... (-:
  17. Dinner at Dahlia Lounge was great! We sort of 'share' and had the Corn Soup with Basil Mousse...smooth as glass! The Crab Cakes were delicious but almost put to shame by the incredibly tasty wok-stirred vegetables. We can't ever ignore Potstickers on a menus...and these were a bit of a surprise...being deep-fried...or fried in some way...but terrific texture and taste just the same. My husband had the Alaskan Halibut which was served in a wonderful broth...but his meal had a hard time competing with mine...the Pork Loin with molasses-glazed pork belly and Carmelized Onion Spoon Bread. OK, most of the time I'll order the Alaskan Salmon on just about any menu...because I love the flavor..but for some reason this pork loin thing caught my eye and it was mone of the BEST main courses I've had in a long time. MsRamsey speaks the truth...the DONUTS are incredible for dessert. Actually, they are donut holes...right out of the oven...dusted in cinnamon and served with fresh vanilla mascarpoine and strawberry jam. I found the service to be perfect...professional, warm but not overly 'fussy'. The room is beautiful...sort of small supper club effect. We'll definitely go back. I give it 4 out of 5 stars...only because my pork was not piping hot...more luke-warm when served...picky picky.
  18. Yes, Ms. Ramsey, I'd be happy to. We (me/husband) moved to WA from CA last year after being life-long CA resident(me only). We live in Poulsbo and it's slim-pickens for great (good...ok mediocore) restaurants here...so we spend a LOT of time taking the ferry over to Seattle.
  19. Thanks for the tip...donuts for me !
  20. Going for our first dinner to Dahlia Lounge tonight...any thoughts on what we should (should not) order? Thanks!
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