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  1. Yes, that's it ! A chef/friend told me about Gjelina in Venice. Good food made with top ingredients. I should try this place whenever I get over to the Westside. LA Times food critic gave Gjelina 2 and 1/2 stars. ←
  2. Here's a quickie report and, again, many thanks for all the suggestions: Beacon was good but I have a thing about the server removing the dirty fork/knife from my appetizer plate and putting it back on the table for me to re-use when the main course comes. OK, maybe I'm too finicky...But, the chicken wings were covered in a delicious sticky-sweet sauce and really left a mess on the silverware. Akasha, beautiful space, nice food Father's Office: Had a drink or two before dinner..it's a great place for the younger set but they didn't kick us out for being geezers... Since Venice was only about 10 minutes away we went to Joe's which is always great (my opinion) and had lunch at a hot new spot, the name of which I simply can't recall and spell correctly. "Gjemina"?...something like that..maybe someone can help me out. It was great. The hightlight of the trip was dinner at Bazaar (Jose Andres rest. in Beverly Hills). It was FANTASTIC and amazingly affordable...Went with another couple and with 2 cocktails (not a bargain at $16 each) several shared plates and dessert our half came to $135. It was a lot of food and there were no clunkers. Sorry I didn't take notes at any of the meals...just getting too old I guess. On to Las Vegas tomorrow....sticking with old (not so old really) favorites...B&B, Daniel Boulud and Restaurant Charlie. quote=rjwong,Feb 25 2009, 08:26 PM] I ate at FFS once a while back. It's okay. Nothing to write home about, unless you're into Harrison Ford's son as chef. Please give us a report, Char. ←
  3. Got 'em on the list/thanks !
  4. Thanks, guys. Yes, I have Fraiche and Beacon on the list. Both look good. Has anyone heard of Wilson?? I read something/somewhere about it. Yes, I have read about Surfas...might be fun to take a stroll through.
  5. Hi All ! Could use a few suggestions for restaurants near the Courtyard Marriott on Bristol. Italian/California-French..? Hopefully there are a few high-end options. Thanks a bunch ! Char
  6. Thanks for the suggestions to log onto the site. Nothing is working. I tried from a hotel computer last week..same thing. Another internet mystery...LOL
  7. Try this link for The Palazzo. I am also anxious to try the restaurants at The Palazzo. We have a couple of open nights when we go for the Vegas Uncork'd events in May and one of my choices for dinner is Charlie Trotter's new place at The Palazzo: http://www.palazzolasvegas.com/PINT.aspx?KNC-PAGOOGLESEARCH ← ***I did try and got the same "Internet Explorer is unable to open this web page". I don't think it's my computer as I've gotten the same response on other computers. Oh yes, we're hoping to try Charlie Trotter's new place as well. We dined twice at his place when he had one in the MGM Grand several years ago. Amazing meals as I recall.
  8. Absolutely ! Las Vegas has become one of our primary destinations over the past several years. And, yes, we've been to New York and San Francisco numerous times as well. We're going again in a month or so and hope to hit the new places at The Palazzo. What's with their website? Down for months )-:
  9. ***Veil is one of our 'pre theatre' restaurants so we never really have the time for a long dinner. But, every meal has been wonderful.
  10. I grew up in Burbank and practically LIVED at Bob's through my teen years! Though now in WA I still visit family and manage to get to Bob's every so often. Great memories! Bob's Big Boy and The Smoke House were my haunts and still revisited as often as possible.
  11. Mistral is a splurge but offers an amazing tasting menu. Lampreia is less expensive but also wonderfully creative food and terrific service.
  12. For something more moderately priced I recommend FIAMMA at MGM and SENSI at Bellagio. If you do hit it big Guy Savoy was a meal in a lifetime experience. Robuchon/major disappointment.
  13. ***I don't know when Robuchon is at the restaurant. The main issue was the cold, unwelcoming service. Several people served us at various times and other than one young American woman no one ever cracked a smile let alone inquire as to our enjoyment of the meal. The atmosphere was sterile in my opinion. The food was very good but the atmosphere spoiled it. Overall I would have to rate our meal at Guy Savoy much, much higher. I have been to Taillevent in the past...many years ago...and I still remember how warmly we were welcomed. When spending hundreds of dollars for dinner my expectation is some level of "we're so happy to have you dine with us" along with excellent food.
  14. Foodie-Girl, I'm so glad you went all out. Guy Savoy is one of the best dining experiences I have ever had. Question: Franck Savoy, would you consider him one of the best maitre d'/host you have ever encountered at a restaurant? I'm imagining him as a maitre d' from yesteryear, from a previous age ... What do you think? Diann, if you eat LUNCH at Lotus of Siam and order from the regular menu and NOT from the lunch buffet, you will have room for one more dinner. I can't speak about Wing Lei since I haven't eaten there yet. If you really want to splurge, go for Guy Savoy. ← ***Franck Savoy is definitely one of the warmest more charismatic hosts I've enountered..definitely not 'old world style' as he's a young and handsome guy. He's the perfect combination of welcoming and highly efficient.
  15. If memory serves, the last week in September will hardly be a call for heaters -- if anything, it might be too hot to sit outside, even in the evening; you'll prefer to be inside where there are air-conditioners. ← Yes, I think you're right.
  16. Thanks, dvs. I do have Cindy's Back Street on the 'lunch list' as well as Martini House. Is COOK also in St. Helena? ← Cooks, is on main st St Helena, Very tight seating small restaurant and with good italian style food. Jude is the hard working chef owner, and is on hand cooking in the open kitchen. The chef has worked in the valley for a number of years, (as a sous chef), including with Chiarello. A great late hangout for restaurant people getting off their shifts. Brix is a very busy restaurant, cranking out big numbers. Second to Rutherford Grill. I do understand why some people are not fans, but I,ve never had a bad meal(but,not insperational) and the patio dining draws me back. I must admit, I do like Sattui as well. Can't beat a picnic. ← We've decided to skip most lunches on this trip though we used to go to a fantastic winery (now I'm going back about 20 years) where we had to make reservations for a "place" months in advance. My most distinct memory is of the geese pecking away at us...LOL. Cook sounds great. I'm not so sure about Brix. I do love eating outdoors. We'll see how the weather is (last week Sept for 12 days). I'm kinda cranky on outdoor dining when people start turning on the heaters the minute the temperature drops below 75...LOL. For me it's like dining under a broiler......
  17. You'll seriously get tired of eating this way for 11 days strait... Living in Napa for four years, I got so tired of the ubiquitous Sonoma Valley Duck Breast with [insert fruit of choice] and reduced [insert wine of choice] glaze, and wilted [insert greens of choice] and [insert carb of choice]. You'll start having great meals of simple cheese, bread, and wine (maybe a sausage or cut meat) and craving something ethnic... ← Carolyn, I couldn't agree with you more. On my own I've been looking for a few casual places...maybe Mexican, Thai...spaghetti and meatballs, etc. Your prediction came through on my Big Birthday Trip to NY 8 years ago where we ended up cancelling the last 4 nights of high-end dinners. Too much of a good thing and it's hard to sit down and face those Tasting Menus...LOL. Thanks for your comments..!
  18. Loved Wing Lei...as I mentioned..the Peking Duck Tasting menu is fantastic...the room lovely, service great. I can't wait to return and ask for a tasting menu. Sorry I don't remember if both me and my husband needed to order the same tasting menu.... Two dinners at Daniel Boulud last year and we're returning in the fall. I think it's sensational. Don't start throwing rocks at me but I was hugely disappointed in dinner at Bouchon. Very loud...terrible service and out of 3 diners none of us were thrilled with anything we ate and we did sample many dishes. I realize this is a minority opinion on these boards. L'Atalier...WONDERFUL Robuchon...Icy service took away from the experience Guy Savoy...we had planned on the less costly TGV dinner but when we saw the choices for main course (filet of beef or red snapper) we quickly decided to go-for-broke and were not disappointed. For a less costly dinner I always suggest Fiamma (MGM) or Sensi (Bellagio). Of course 'less costly' is subjective....
  19. Thanks, dvs. I do have Cindy's Back Street on the 'lunch list' as well as Martini House. Is COOK also in St. Helena?
  20. Our focus these days is definitely geared more toward light-eating during the day and saving our calories for dinner. In our younger days we did lots of wine-tasting during the day but, somehow we don't burn-up the calories the way we used to....LOL Terra and Tra Vigne are both on the short-list for this trip. We've been to both many times in past years and I remember Terra being especially good.
  21. AOC is always a must for my L.A. trips.
  22. Well, my thing is great food, service and atmosphere...so I'm still not sure where Brix falls into the mix...but thanks for your comments.
  23. Pardon my ignorance but what is the V. Sattui crowd?
  24. Thanks, Swicks. Gee, suddenly an 11-night trip seems barely enough.....LOL
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