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  1. I've taken classes at CASCADIA. Great set-up in the kitchen and wonderful lunch at the end.
  2. OLIVES at Bellagio has always been great.
  3. I am adding all the comments to my notes. So many great suggestions! Definite on a Farmer's Market...kobe burgers and port belly. Spending most of my life in CA I have been to Auberge many times as well as Etoile. So many great memories. I'm excited to try the many 'new to me' places that I'm learning about.
  4. I found out, they are only open Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. ← Thanks for the info. Sounds like the type of place we'd like to try.
  5. Mmmmmmmmm, Lamb Burger..got it! Thanks!
  6. We'll have to pass on Farmhouse (too far) but so many of the others are definites!!
  7. It does sound great. Can you give me an idea of driving time from Healdsburg? We are geezers and after a lot of wine rather not challenge our road-worthiness...LOL
  8. RJ, can you give me the links to the Redd and Cyrus threads? I have been fortunate to have dined at French Laundry twice in past years. Fabulous experiences.
  9. Wow, you folks rock as far as solid info!!! I'm a former native-Californian, now living near Seattle and decided to celebrate my birthday 'back home' this year. All of your comments so far are extremely helpful. Carolyn, sad to hear your comment as we're staying at the Healdsburg Hotel and, well, talk about convenient..LOL. I wasn't sure about Barn Diva and Manzanita so thanks for helping me get enthused on those two. Looking forward to more comments on Yountville (and very nearby) as we're now spending 6 nights there. THANKS!!!!
  10. We're celebrating my birthday this year by spending several nights in Healdsburg before heading to Yountville. I haven't been there in many years and could use come current restaurant opinions. This is what I've come up with so far: Wadda ya think? Cyrus Manzanita Bistro Ralph Madrona Manor (stayed there years ago/don't remember the food) Dry Creek Kitchen Zin Restaurant For Yountville stay: Bistro Jeanty Redd Ad Hoc ??? If there is already a link with info. please let me know. THANKS !!
  11. Was in Las Vegas a week back...Food-driven trip, of course...LOL Guy Savoy - The full-on tasting menu/worth every penny! Class and service beyond great. I know, I thought we'd go on the cheap but couldn't resist once we sat down and felt the amazing warmth of Franck Savoy and the rest of the staff. Wing Lei - (Peking Duck Tasting Menu) Lovely room/food/service Robuchon - The ice-cold service put a damper on the entire evening. Sensi..Ok, not in the same category but another great and casual place. This was my third visit and I'm still impressed.
  12. I wouldn't hesitate to dine there alone either. It's a very inviting place. We had our first dinner there last week...did the Peking Duck Tasting Menu....WOWSER we had a fabulous meal in every respect. The food...sheer perfection The rooms...lovely Service...outstanding in every regard. We'll definitely be back !
  13. More notes on my Vegas trip to follow...but dinner at Wing Lei a few nights ago was fantastic. We did the Peking Duck Tasting Menu.
  14. You made the right decision. I had dinner at Rao's last Sunday night and it was, shall we say, underwhelming. Perhaps our first clue that things were awry should have been the group leaving the restaurant who were visibly angry and saying things along the lines of, "that's the worst food I've ever had!" I won't say that it was that bad, but it was dissapointing. The service was inattentive, bordering on absent, and left us sitting for nearly thirty minutes without water while our check was settled (dinner was comped, and had I not been a guest, I would have been a bit more vocal in my displeasure.) The salads were fair, including an arugula and roasted beet salad that was saved by a very funky (in a good way) gorgonzola. The pastas could be recreated by anyone with a pot of water and the will to eat, and my osso bucco was dry and relatively bland. All in all, Rao's was not a place to which I'd return. That said, we had a fabulous dinner at Bouchon the night prior. The cost was far less than Rao's and the food was terrific from the oysters to the boudin noir. I can't reccomend it highly enough, especially if you are looking for a simpler "compromise" dinner. -Eric ← Thanks for reinforcing my decision to change our plans. Doesn't sound like my type of food and certainly not calibre of service....
  15. Hi Char, You and Richard could always take the Route 99 bus, which is substituting for the Waterfront Trolley through June, and then it would be probably about 10-12 long blocks from there and take a taxi back. The link for the Route 99 bus and information on schedule is: http://transit.metrokc.gov/tops/wfsc/water..._streetcar.html Fare is free and that would at least get you to the Edgewater. Hope to see you guys soon again. Kay ← Thanks Kay! Hope to see you and Al as well...maybe we'll start participating in more events this summer.
  16. Hey Malarkey, We're thinking of going to Boat St. Cafe and I'm wondering if it's within walking distance from the ferry? I'm in Poulsbo and try to 'walk-it' when we go to Seattle...parking being one reason...
  17. I DO prefer Italian cooking with a a lighter touch..had a big-bash birthday party AT Circo a while back...definitely my style. Rao might turn out to be a 'comprimise' dinner...so, any comments on service? Have you eaten at Il Molino (husband loved it/I could take a pass)? Same type of food?? Decided to take a pass on Rao. Thanks again for your comments, John.
  18. Guy Savoy is incapable of bum rushing anyone....they even are quite good about splitting portions (if they can be split) and letting some in your party order a la carte or little or nothing at all as the mood suits you. Rao's is a mistake but Robuchon and Wing Lei may provide transcendental dining experiences if you let them (as will Savoy). But bring $$$ as none are cheap and Robuchon at the Mansion is a house payment for a meal. L'Atelier is my pick for Robuchon-quality food at 75% less money. Best and bon appetit, John Curtas Commentator/Restaurant Critic News 88.9 FM KNPR Nevada Public Radio KNPR.org ← John, Thanks for the comments...Yes, I've been to L'Atalier and enjoyed it. The 'smaller' tasting menu at the Mansion doesn't sound too ($$$) bad. Why the negative on Rao? Really appreciate candor on this as we sure don't want to (heaven forbid) have a bad meal/experience.
  19. Excellent review and photos, Eliot! We have dinner reservations for next week....can't wait ! Char
  20. Thanks, Neil...I'm feeling confident that we won't have to rush through dinner like a bullet train...LOL.
  21. Thanks for your comments, Russell. I was curious if anyone had experienced GS in the past few months. Letting our server know we are not in a hurry should solve any problems with the pace of the TGV menu should we go that route.
  22. I've just made some dinner reservations (Rao, Joel Robuchon and Wing Lei) for our next trip. Looking forward to trying these 3 restaurants which will be new for us. In calling I see that GS offers a $190 tasting menu which has some appeal but I'm wondering if anyone has gone recently and felt they got the bum's rush. I seem to remember reading some older posts and that fear is sticking in my mind. Comments? Thanks as always!
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