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  1. Chocolate Academy online (Cacao Barry/Callebaut) has a bunch of great videos on panning by Ruth Thyer
  2. Will do, although with my history it might be a couple of years)...It is smaller, but that is what actually attracted me to it.
  3. Perhaps look into the Aieve panning attachment? At a little over $100 with prime shipping it definitely can't be beat in the price aspect. Just received mine, but haven't unboxed/used yet.
  4. Ok, enabler forum, I now own one too. Just stumbled across Ponthier's sherbet and ice cream proportions/recipes (including for Pacojet) and thought you may find them useful in this thread. Ponthier-Les-Fruits-de-la-Passion-Booklet.pdf
  5. I GREATLY lucked out getting the first generation of the Freddy model for $2000. The new model had just a few minor tweaks and retails for over $6000. Also currently looking into Techfrost's JOF One - alos an Italian made flash freezer, similarly priced to the current Freddy. Does anybody have any experience?
  6. What makes this so frustrating, is that prior to purchase, I made a point of asking about repairs in my area, and they reassured me it wouldn't be a problem and that there are a bunch of certified repair technicians in my area. What they failed to mention, is that they are certified in Irinox commercial products and will not come out for their residential units/nor let me bring one to their location for troubleshooting. So be prepared to pay for 2 years of once a week use and then just throw it out.
  7. I would not get a residential Irinox flash freezer in the U.S. Neither Freddy, nor Fresco. ZERO customer support if anything breaks! My Freddy has been broken for 4 months now, 2 months into it I've even contacted a few VPs for Irinox North America in hopes of expediting a repair, and despite a bunch of promises and flattery, they still haven't even found anybody in my area to diagnose it (and I live in a pretty large city on the East coast). Extremely disappointed with Irinox (!) and am now looking into Vesta Frosty - may not have the sleek looks, but hopefully better customer support!
  8. Does anybody have an idea on the shelf life of this tangerine jelly recipe for a bon bon from the world chocolate masters website?
  9. Does anybody have experience with Kadzama equipment? Their mini cutter looks a bit smaller than Dedy's.... https://kadzama.com/c/equipment/mini-guitar-candy-slicer-string-cutting/?utm_source=arif&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=shop&utm_content=guitarmini&fbclid=IwAR0uRIfHXXwSqHLm3Br93tuHJUOj-xwo6ruIL6q7yy8VmU2GE0a7-CXPMhU
  10. What an awesome idea with the dried lemons for tea! Is the taste pretty much the same as with a slice of fresh lemon?
  11. How does one repackage a large can of Peppadew peppers to last ~ 6 months in the fridge? Would freezing them change the texture?
  12. Would freezing them in a blast freezer alter the texture? Or since they are already canned it doesn't matter?
  13. I was just going to divide the peppers with their original liquid in jars and vacuum seal them in a chamber vacuum sealer and store them in the fridge for ~6 months.
  14. I got tired of buying them in little packages at Whole Foods, so I found a retailer for large cans online.
  15. So, I have this huge can of peppadew peppers that I would like to repackage into quarter sized jars. Can I just divide the peppers and the liquid into jars, vacuum seal them, and store in the fridge for 6-7 months?
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