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  1. Hi Everyone. I am looking for the best bakery is Berkeley--I need to take a dessert over to my family's (in the Central Valley) for an Easter Sunday get-together, and seeing as I've only lived in Berkeley since the fall (and during that time my head's been stuck in books), I am not exactly sure where to go. I've heard great things about Crixa Cakes and La Farine, but that's it. So... any special place where I can pick up the dessert on Saturday (has to be able to keep for at least a bit), travel for about a hour or so and taste delicious? Thanks so much! Kelli
  2. Thanks, guys. Sorry about the spelling in the title.
  3. Hello, Everyone. I was wondering if anyone had some great "starter" Iranian recipes in their personal databases that they would be willing to share with me. I really have no idea to begin, but I would love to try. Thanks for any input.
  4. KelMH

    need ideas

    Crushed red pepper flakes--they're always on hand and add a kick.
  5. Good evening, folks. I'm going to be in Menlo Park this Sunday, and was hoping to eat something while I was there. Unfortunately, I'm clueless about Menlo Park restaurants--are there any worthy places I should try? Thanks, Kelli
  6. KelMH

    Eating in Dallas

    I second the Mansion. It's timeless and is definitely worth the expense.
  7. KelMH

    Making a frittata

    Does anyone else have preferences when adding cream, half and half, or milk to the eggs? None at all?
  8. KelMH


    If in Stockton, I would put in the extra time and effort to drive half an hour or so north to Sacramento to get a good meal. I think you'll find it much more rewarding.
  9. Never wash your knife carelessly (during a rush, looking away).
  10. Yes! My mom went into labor with my sister in a Whataburger. Maybe it was the onions.
  11. I get cravings for Taco Bueno's party burritos. There, I said it.
  12. DFW is vast and hectic, so your layover doesn't give you too much time to venture out and eat. My advice is to find the nearest Tex-Mex place and see what you can get. (Good Tex-Mex is a beautiful thing, and I miss it.)
  13. KelMH


    I use cilantro a lot at work, and I always find myself snacking on it. I've never heard about its correlation with soap; maybe I'll eat anything. Yep, that's it.
  14. KelMH

    Packaged Cookies

    Newman-O's suck. I don't give a shit about how many cacao-growing cooperatives in Bolivia which don't use child labor they are supporting or that they don't use artificial ingredients, they don't taste like Oreos at all. The cookie part lacks the burned chocolate taste and the filling is completely out of whack. Ah, the price of charity.
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