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  1. @teonzo Added a picture of the result BEFORE using you advice. I upload a picture after trying your tips as well
  2. Hi Teo, Thanks for your advice, I will surely try it with the almond flour removed. The 'Ei' part is Egg (it's dutch i forgot to translate). So no water is added in my recipe. I normally put together the flours, salt, sugar and butter. Then kneed everything by hand into a sort of crumble dough. Then I add a tablespoon of egg and roll everything into a ball and put it in the fridge for an hour. I think that using a food processor is also a good trick and will surely try it next with the removed almond flour. The recipe i have is not a glutenfree recipe by default, i just replaced the flour. Thanks for your advice I really appreciate it. Regards! PS. - wrong mixing method, you are overworking it (if you are creaming the butter even worse); This could also be the case for me... will be sure to keep this one in mind
  3. Hi Shain, I am using baking beans made which are not edible beans (stone hard pebbles).
  4. Hi Teo, I am using this recipe: - 120gr Flower - 50gr powdered sugar - 20gr almondflower - little bit of salt - 75gr cold butter - 1tablespoon ei baking it for 12 minutes blind on 170 celsius convection oven. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi all, Hopefully someone can help me with this? I really enjoy making tartalettes of sorts. When baking the dough rises a lot meaning that there is not really a lot of space to fill with something nice. I am using glutenfree flour (Peak's All Purpose) and have tried blind baking them. But from my first blind baking try, it seems that the bottom stays raw. Have put it back in the oven 'unblinded' (can i use this term? :)) but still its not the way i want it. Could sure use some tips on how to get these tartalettes nice and thin. Thanks in advance to anyone who tries to help, i appreciate it. regards
  6. @LePetitPrince Yeah, if that is no problem for you, i'd love to have the recipe. Thanks! It helps to know that a lot of Remonce and a little bit of custard (or Creme the patissere maybe) is necessary, i didn't see it :) Also I am trying to find out if the Snegl have cinnamon or if they are without. @Mjx Thanks for this! It looks good and fun to make, although the dough looks a little different i can understand the resemblance. Already happy that I found this forum :)
  7. Hi All, This is my first post at this forum and hopefully someone is able to help me with this. I am looking for a Smorstang recipe (see attachment). I have had this and Wienerstang when I was visiting Denmark when I was a kid. Since I live in the Netherlands I unfortunately can not hop to the shop and buy one so I have to make it myself. The icing\chocolate icing is no problem and I can also make the puff pastry but I do not know what is inside the bar. Maybe Remonce? or custard? If there is someone out there who knows, please help me Also I would like to know how the pastry is assembled in the baking tin, I can guess it a little by looking at the picture but that's all. In advance, thanks! Regards, Paullie PS: maybe it is a nice idea to post my results if possible at all Photo source; https://www.lantmannen-unibake.com/Schulstad-Bakery-Solutions/Products/Pastry/Speciality-Products/danish-bar/#hide
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