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  1. You think they've edited it to make them look that ordinary?
  2. I'm pretty sure we've had this very same question about professional masterchef before. Things may have changed but I think you should be able to find work in a Michelin starred kitchen easily enough especially if you're keen. I bet there are hundreds of sous chefs and chef de partie around the country laughing at professional masterchef. If thats the best we have to offer the culinary world we've got some serious problems in forthcoming years
  3. Winot, I missed you! I was sat in the main body of the restaurant and it certainly wasn't 80% male! I only returned so soon as I was hoping for cassoulet which didn't make it onto the menu because of the mild weather Crispy pork cheeks (from the pre theatre menu) came with capers and lentils, freebie of Gurnard with Tapenade and Bouillabaisse sauce, Rose Veal loin is decent quality but (and its not a biggy) I would prefer to see it on the bone. Interesting Squash with chocolate and coffee to finish. The chocolate fondant was still as good as the other week. I agree it has gone up a little but 4 of us still managed to come out at £63 a head including £90 on wine.
  4. If you've not been before I would say that you should choose from the the Rabbit, the pigs cheeks, the eel, squid and mackerel burger, the shoulder of hare and if they are on the menu the Cailletes (thats not really made it any easier for you has it ). As all the wines are available by the carafe you can sample a multitude of wines. A couple of weeks ago there was a good Chianti Classico (I forget the producer), the Prats Symington Post Scriptum is a good choice but take some advice, there is always something new and interesting on there to try.
  5. Interesting that you found it a little old fashioned, I commented to a friend the other day that I thought it might not cut the mustard with todays audience, at the time it was fabulous and there were obviously some lovely refined dishes that he served as well but the pigs trotter, whilst his most famous dish, is definitely not what you would call refined, its probably more akin to the sort of hearty dish you could fully expect to get it in a decent pub.
  6. Forgetting the hype regarding the comeback kid and the limited number of places, how did the food measure up? What menu options were there?
  7. I realised I hadn't been to Arbutus in a little while so ran along Friday night to see what was on the menu. Very Good Hare with Polenta and cobnuts, quite a large portion for a starter, a freebie of smoked eel with sweet and sour turnips and USDA bavette with Dauphinoise potatoes. For Rachel Heritage beetroots with a sheeps ricotta, a freebie of slow cooked pork belly with lentils and The English Rose Veal, excellent quality English veal. The best dishes were saved for last. Raspberrie meringue pavlova had beautiful Scottish raspberries and very good meringue. Similarly Chocolate fondant came on a feuillatine base with salt caramel ice cream. Beautiful to look at and eat, 2 star desserts Now if only they would start serving cassoulet.....
  8. Out of curiosity why wouldn't you expect to see a whole partridge on the menu? They are only £3.50 - £4.00 a bird (and that was at Borough Market) so wouldn't it seem a reasonably sensible thing to serve?
  9. Despite my earlier reservations that this is simply a publicity stunt (here) I've made a reservation. I made this decision mainly based on the fact that he has now extended the run so will maybe settle into the kitchen a little more than he would be able in just a week and partly because, knowing my luck, if I don't go I'll miss out on the greatest comeback since Liverpool last won the Champions league.
  10. I had three meals at LTC, once when it was at RHR and twice once it moved. The final meal was appalling coming just a few weeks before they shut down. The other two were fantastic, I'll never forget a Langoustine Ravioli served in a beautiful vegetable broth. Here is a review for the last meal I had there : La Tante Claire
  11. Ignore that last post. The bread is now coming from Boulangerie De Paris. Apparently run by a small group of French bakers, limited production, slow fermentation etc. etc.
  12. The first 3 pages are the set menu, the rest is the a la carte. It is just an example menu. I haven't seen a recent menu but as a guideline the last time I went for dinner, many years ago, starters ranged from £20 - £34, mains averaged around £35 each and desserts around £20 each. Dinner for two is unlikely to cost less than £300 including wine. The set lunch has a limited choice and costs £48 (I think) pounds including 1/2 a bottle of wine. The set menu is around £100 not including wine. If you are female you are unlikely to see a menu with the prices on, its that sort of place! You're entitled to go to any restaurant you want if you are happy to pay and the restaurant is happy to have you.
  13. You probably better not go to Le Gavroche, if you can't understand the menu layout The first 3 pages are an example of the tasting menu including the accompanying wines. Then you've got starters, the meat and fish, then Cheese and Dessert
  14. I think it is the London Bakery, don't hold me to that though.
  15. I can only offer encouragement rather than specific advice. I've butchered Milk-fed lamb myself and despite my initial apprehension found it all quite obvious once I got going. Of course, I didn't have a huge amount of cuts like you may get on a fully grown animal.
  16. Not a good idea at the Fat Duck where you are required to leave a credit card and are charged £80 per person for no shows.
  17. Good to see somebody enjoying the pre-theatre, in my mind its one of the best deals in London. Glad to see the Brandade on the menu, the Pates always seem to be very good as well. Was the chilled soup the carrot and grapefruit that he cooked on Saturday Kitchen recently? (Recipe here). I tried that at Wild honey recently and thought it very good as well as interesting.
  18. Alex every time you make post I find myself very disappointed when I remember that you aren't the "real" Alex James
  19. No reviews? I found three dedicated threads: The Square 1 The Square 2 The Square 3
  20. Not really, head down to The Bleeding heart or The Don, last I heard he was consultant chef there. He was/is also consulting at Brasserie St Jacques.
  21. I'm still trying to work out who this is a publicity stunt for. I guess the main beneficiary is "A Private View" Maschlers new consultancy firm
  22. I disagree. It is simply a publicity stunt. Surely THE place to be is the kitchen in which these chefs cook everyday of the week, not some temporary space with a brigade they don't know and equipment they aen't familiar with?
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