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  1. Sounded Heavenly until I read this article posted in a link by a someone posting in the comments section for this article: Mark Bucher's Alleged Shady Background His burgers may be divine but something may be a bit rotten about this guy if he's in the habit of stiffing small business people. ← I feel it is only fair to post the link to the owner's response here disclosure: I don't know the guy, and I've never been to the restaurant. I just am a cynic, especially when it comes to media and the news..
  2. Charles, so sorry to hear this news. Hope you're feeling better soon as I've witnessed how painful it can be. I'm so glad I've seen a few mentions here of watching out for kidney damage. My MIL was diagnosed last year, along with Type 2 diabetes. Not a great combo, and in our research we did find mention of the effect of high purine levels on the kidneys. I'll check my files for any saved info to send you.
  3. squids


    ditto. And murphy's law, they always come by when you have a mouthful of food! That would get really annoying every 10 minutes, not to mention the interruption in conversation when not eating.
  4. squids

    Greek City

    We were in Ramsey for two nights, and were at a loss as to know where to find something to eat in this unfamiliar territory. Wednesday night we were going to pick up some eats at TJ's and make dinner, but we arrived just a few minutes after 9pm and were turned away at the door. Asked for recommendations for not fast food but not a long sit down dinner at that time of night and the best we got was I think called The Fireside. We stopped and it was not what we were looking for...order a burger or pizza at the counter and bring to your table. Unfortunately for a non-local, it's difficult to s
  5. Why, thank you kindly, Ma'am. Did you see the pieces leading up to this one? Here they are, chronologically: http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?showtopic=94110 http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?showtopic=96274 http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?showtopic=98382 And Maggie and Dave have one more piece that I've submitted for publication here, but I have no idea when it will make an appearance. ← And #4: http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?showto...dpost&p=1398531 All I can say is WOW. I rarely get to check into this site as much as I would like, and have not read the Daily Gullet d
  6. including, IMO, the best pralines in the French Quarter. ← Everything I've tried there is top quality. ← Thanks for chiming in--I actually just placed an order there, and they couldn't have been nicer. (and I found out afterwards that my boss also recommends this place--she has 2 daughters that went to school in NOLA--and one of them is still at school and living in NOLA currently.)
  7. Thanks for the response. I have seen a few gift baskets in my web searches that contained the mix or coffee, but hadn't thought to go to the actual website! I must say I am a bit surprised, though, that there haven't been more suggestions. I would think that this would be a good way to support the economy of the area?
  8. Today's Washington Post has an article that lists a few places to order items "in a small effort to help the mom-and-pop foodmakers who are still suffering more than a year after Hurricane Katrina" Mayhaw Man runs a website that showcases some of these vendors. Please post additional links and phone numbers if you have them...I am looking to send mailorder to family, and thought others may be interested in the same. Thanks!
  9. I caught the "After Hours" with Daniel Bouloud on Dinosaur BBQ and it did look enticing I'm glad you have a date for the airing of the show--now I can put it on my calendar to look forward to...can't wait to see what you come up with for DC!
  10. Really? Damnit! I've thrown away several bags of brown sugar once they hardened. ← I had to make cookies this weekend in order to use up some old contents in the cupboard...the brown sugar will also soften if nuked in the microwave a few seconds. My only question, is that once it hardens, isn't it actually losing moisture? Couldn't that then effect the measuring and quantity when used in baking? Not that I bake that often, but I know it is more of an exact science than I prefer to wrestle with that often!
  11. Chris, I'll try to take some photos to send to you this week, at least of my neck of the woods. DC is definitely made up of many different "neighborhoods" with different flavors. Some are more residential than others, some more business, some strictly government, some more entertainment, some just in the revitilization stage...you'll find different types of places in all of these areas. I'm a lowly office worker-bee in the "Golden Triangle Business District" downtown, and carry-out is usually what we get. It's hard to fit "eating out" into a lunch half or even an hour, so, yes, in that manner
  12. I haven't seen many posts about DC, so I'll put my .02 in for the Greek Deli--a carry-out on 19th St. (great food, good value--people line up daily to the street) I'm also a fan of Cous-Cous Cafe on 20th, and a new place just starting out on 20th, used to be a Cafe Cantina (chain) but is trying to get it's new menu/restaurant going, called Rumi. These are all small authentic shops, non-chains, favorites for the "office worker" budget.
  13. Thank you, that's it exactly! I just did a google search and found this site as well. I must clarify my earlier statement....I did find the show quite enjoyable. Our VCR and DVR our both out of commision, so watching later was not an option. I rarely can stay awake two hours for anything in the evenings, no matter how hard I try, so I guess it's not just if I'm in the mood to watch, but I've got to be awake to watch. I do look forward to seeing the new season--now I just have to try to remember when to look out for the "leftovers" special! (in reading this over, I see that I'd be a prime cand
  14. I just saw the most recent episode, where he was in Osaka. He used a term several times throughout the show that I had never heard of, and was trying to learn more about--forgive the phonetic spelling, but it sounded like "kwee-der-ay" Can anybody help me out with this? He said it meant "eating to excess" or "eating to ruin?" I find that he makes the places he visits appear very approachable. I like the show, but I also have to be in the mood to watch it. It's running from 9-11pm, and the second hour tonight he's in China. I don't think I'll last past the next commercial though. Two consecuti
  15. I don't have time to reply in full right now, as I'm bolting out the door to pick up my husband...I will try to write more this evening though. I've been diagnosed in the past few years with several allergies, some of which are items that have been mentioned above. This has been a great learning experience for me. The first thing I said when I was being tested by the allergist was "garlic? you mean people are really allergic to garlic? Please don't let me be!" Well guess what? That was the largest "bump" on my arm! I do know some people find their reactions are different whether the item is
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