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  1. The Schomer videos are probably the best option. It's going to take practice. Videos are better than no videos. Videos plus books are better than videos alone. But nothing is as good as actual training.
  2. malachi

    Synesso Cyncra

    Pre-infusion on the multi-group machines will only pre-infuse on one group at a time. In other words, if a shot is pulling on one group and you start another, the second will not pre-infuse. As a result, few who use the machine bother with pre-infusion (including Schomer's folks at Vivace). The Synesso was worlds ahead of the FB70 and Linea machines. The new Marzoccos (the new semi-auto GB5 and the just-announced Marzocco Mistral) are on par.
  3. malachi

    Synesso Cyncra

    Exceptional machines. Great to work on. Some issues with the pre-infusion model on multi-group machines. Otherwise, pretty damn perfect. Basically, one of the top three options for a commercial machine (Synesso Cyncra, Marzocco Mistral, Marzocco GB5).
  4. For the past 5 years I've used the Schomer methodology. In one day of using the Scace I discovered just how: a - inaccurate, and b - not reproducable it was. Schomer method is far superior to the styrofoam cup method. But Scace is far superior to it.
  5. The Brewtus in not an HX machine but rather a dual boiler machine. On the Brewtus a PID would be an upgrade though, with the E61 group, it would perhaps be less significant than you'd think. Would be different with a saturated group. Replicating the Scace Thermofilter at all, much less for under $100, is pretty much impossible. Creating a device that measures brew temp with some sort of accuracy... that's possible. But the Scace is a very different animal.
  6. Honestly... for almost all baristas (home or pro) the best bang for the buck is training. There are very few baristas who are truly limited by their espresso machine.
  7. PIDs are (IMHO) over-rated and over-hyped as a generalized solution to all problems espresso. Adding a PID controller to a cheap machine is rarely a ideal solution and adding a PID to a HX machine makes little sense to be honest. A far better solution for temp management on an HX machine would be a real-time, accurate digital display of grouphead brew temp. As for the "ultimate" home machine - by early next year we'll finally have two contenders. The first is the 110v Synesso single group. The latter is the soon-to-be-release La Marzocco home machine. Either would be a "last machine I'll ever own" option. This is, sadly, not true of the machines listed here - all of which have significant weaknesses. Finally, the E61 group is nice but is also over-hyped as a solution.
  8. Still not heard back... Assuming this is a good thing I guess...
  9. Second the Noble Rot suggestion and add Gotham Tavern
  10. Thanks Louisa! Email sent, fingers crossed.
  11. Define "diner"? For me, I've found nothing in Portland I'd call a diner - but then again my definition pretty much begins and ends with O'Rourke's in Middletown, CT.
  12. The time is coming... Anyone know for sure the date and time yet? Can't wait and it's probably what... a year away from actually eating the food (if I get lucky).
  13. Not Harrison! Seriously. I'd probably suggest just about anywhere else. The usual list looks something like: Higgins, Hurleys, clarklewis, Gotham, Apizza Scholls, Pho Van (on 82nd), Ken's, Wildwood (though honestly I was not impressed), Paley's Place (again, honestly I was not impressed), Castagna, Ken's Place, Bewon, Low BBQ, Pix (for desert), Horse Brass (for beer), Stumptown (for coffee), Fife, Wong's King, Alba Osteria, Carafe, Karam.
  14. Sadly, small guys also tend not to get the best green.
  15. I'd love to know more about how the Esmerelda is being received. It's one of my favorite coffees ever (though, to be honest, I think that this year's crop was a bit down in quality from last year).
  16. Biased version of the list... Intellegentsia Stumptown Counter Culture Terroir Hines
  17. Ah. Got it. Anyway... about the Esmerelda. Are people digging it?
  18. It's a stereotype. Just like "restaurant people are alcoholics" would be a stereotype. Or, more to the point, "restaurants have crap coffee". Know what I mean? That's super cool about the Esmerelda. Are you selling much of it? I wish more folks had a chance to taste that coffee. It's incredible. I'm really glad you're selling it this way - I hope your customers appreciate the gift.
  19. If you want people from the coffee world to respect what you are doing and stop stereotyping your product, I'd suggest showing a little of the same in response. Wow! Do you mind if I ask how much you charge for the Esmerelda? I think you might be the only place I've heard of that is selling the Esmerelda brewed.
  20. This is one of those "it's hard to explain, you have to experience it" kind of things. In the coffee world, there is as big a gap between a place like Murky and their perceived competitors as there is between those competitors and the free coffee at a car dealer. The vast, and I mean vast, percentage of Americans have literally never tasted what folks in the specialty coffee world are talking about when they talk about "great" coffee. So it's really hard to explain why you should skip the convenient and familiar and go to someplace that coffee freaks go on and on about as being special or different or just plain better. I'll put it this way... If I were in DC and Murky was closed I'd either drive to Timonium for my coffee or just skip it altogether - 'cause the rest of the stuff served as coffee just isn't.
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