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  1. I haven't tried yet. I'm almost certain it will solve the problem.
  2. Thanks @pastrygirl. I'm sure that's the issue. I'll try different chocolate.
  3. I'm trying to make bonbons with milk shells for the first time and I'm struggling. When I melt my milk chocolate it is really thick. Is this normal? I'm pretty sure humidity is not an issue. I'm concerned that my shells wont empty out well and I'll be left with no room for ganache. I tried adding some cocoa butter last time but it affected the flavor. Disclaimer: I'm using pretty cheap milk chocolate (Ghirardelli) cuz I'm still learning. If you think this is the only issue please let me know.
  4. What is the best way to do this? I had a ganache go moldy inside a shell (fortunately a batch that I kept for the family) and now I'm super paranoid.
  5. Does anyone have any good online suppliers? I'm way out in the sticks in Northern California and there's no this here (my closest Walmart is a half hour away) I've been able to do ok on Amazon but was wondering if anyone has any other resources.
  6. The Chocolate Journalist has a good article about ruby chocolate. Apparently Callebaut has been quite transparent in the fact that they developed it to appeal to millennials and Instagramers and that it's more about the look than the taste. I have yet to hear anyone speak highly of the flavor. (That being said, I'll still probably pick some up next time I'm near a TJ's)
  7. I'm not sure which numbered size they are. They're the "mini cupcake" size and they're too small.
  8. Thanks @Jim D. I'll look into turtle trays. Who makes your custom trays, if you don't mind me asking?
  9. What kind of boxes do people use to package non-standard molded bonbons? Specifically the longer ones like the cacao pod, teardrop or "slug". I bought molds that I love but they dont fit in the standard paper cups or trays and Im struggling to figure out how to package them. I'm just getting started with my chocolate business so I'm not at the point where I am ready to invest in custom packaging. I bought some boxes that I like from ClearBags and am planning to add a branded label but I dont think they're secure enough. My chocolates will shift all around if given the chance. Any advice would
  10. You could pair with cranberry and orange; make kind of a cosmo insp. flavor. Also some kind of riff on mulled wine would be great with lime.
  11. I recently made champagne ganache (basically just chocolate and champagne) and the champagne really go lost. Does anyone have experience with reducing the champagne first to get a more concentrated flavor? I know they sell champagne flavors, but I'd like to stick to the real thing. As for mimosa, I agree, getting the orange to come through is the easy part, the champagne, not so much.
  12. That's what I've read. Any tips on how to avoid or minimize them?
  13. I am at the very early stage of learning chocolate making. To answer your questions: I am using polycarbonate molds that oiled with cocoa butter when i first received them and wipe out with a cotton pad in between each use. (I now know that angular molds aren't the easiest to work with but that's what I bought and I love them) I temper primarily using the seeding method in the microwave. I am working in a home kitchen and do not have access to better equipment at this time. I do use a thermometer to ensure correct temperatures. I don't think my temper is the issue. Right no
  14. I've thought about doing that but I'd like to incorporate colors. I'm also having a hard time getting my chocolates as shiny as I'd like, they usually have pretty bad release Mark's. I'm hoping colored cocoa butter will help.
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