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  1. I recently made champagne ganache (basically just chocolate and champagne) and the champagne really go lost. Does anyone have experience with reducing the champagne first to get a more concentrated flavor? I know they sell champagne flavors, but I'd like to stick to the real thing. As for mimosa, I agree, getting the orange to come through is the easy part, the champagne, not so much.
  2. Beckykp27

    natural food coloring

    That's what I've read. Any tips on how to avoid or minimize them?
  3. Beckykp27

    natural food coloring

    I am at the very early stage of learning chocolate making. To answer your questions: I am using polycarbonate molds that oiled with cocoa butter when i first received them and wipe out with a cotton pad in between each use. (I now know that angular molds aren't the easiest to work with but that's what I bought and I love them) I temper primarily using the seeding method in the microwave. I am working in a home kitchen and do not have access to better equipment at this time. I do use a thermometer to ensure correct temperatures. I don't think my temper is the issue. Right now I am mostly working with Ghirardelli 63% as it is affordable and accessible for me. I'm not entirely sure how I will use the CCB when I get it. I will probably use a variety and combination of techniques (I'm learning a lot here and would love to experiment)
  4. Beckykp27

    natural food coloring

    I've thought about doing that but I'd like to incorporate colors. I'm also having a hard time getting my chocolates as shiny as I'd like, they usually have pretty bad release Mark's. I'm hoping colored cocoa butter will help.
  5. Beckykp27

    natural food coloring

    I'm just starting out and so I'm looking for really small quantities. I'm really trying to keep everything I do as natural/organic an I can. I'm gonna try some of the Chef Rubber natural colors and see how they work out. I'll post pictures when I have samples to show.
  6. Beckykp27

    natural food coloring

    Has anyone used the natural cocoa butter colors from Chef Rubber? How are they compared to their other colors. What about the natural ibc power flowers? Unfortunately they don't come in the full range of colors necessary (no yellow, no white) I have emailed them to ask if they are going to come out with yellow and white any time soon. I would love to be able to get something like their "discovery box" in an all natural version.