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  1. For the best prices its gotta be a chinese seafood market. I go to Hung Win on Gore at Keefer and Yat Ming on Kingsway at Fraser. Otherwise theres T&T.
  2. I take mine to Sharpening House at 511 W 7th Ave. They're very reasonably priced.
  3. Looks great. Wondering if this dish can be made with olive oil for those that are dairy intolerant
  4. ekfc63

    Dinner 2019

    They're a selection of various meals over the last few months. Some dinner parties, some regular midweek family meals. I'm in Vancouver. Heres the Iles Flottante that my wife made
  5. The sauce turned out very thick. Plus I didn't get the volume I wanted. Its there lurking under the scallops.
  6. Scallops and crab with uni sauce. Since the scallops, crab and uni were bought live it was quite labour intensive.
  7. This was a while ago but it did get cooked. Can't remember the wine the was drunk.
  8. I’m planning a starter of scallops, crab leg meat and prawns with uni butter sauce. Wondering if the uni sauce would change the typical wine pairing of Sylvaner, Riesling, champagne, etc for scallops.
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