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  1. Going to Ahmedabad this weekend where there is a store that can give me custom print with coloured cocoa butter. The owner asked for $3 for an A4 sized print. She said the paper itself costs $2.5 which is slightly unbelieveable. What kind of paper is used to print ? If possible I'd get it from somewhere else and just get it printed from her.
  2. While what we are talking here is pretty basic, I just came across a website which claims to supply personalized chocolates with photo print on them!!! How is that done?
  3. Are there any edible colour spray cans available which can be used on finish set (cold) chocolates? I believe it would be easiest to make a stencil and then just spray on it keeping it on top of the chocolate. Also is there any edible gum like stuff that can be applied on finish set (cold) chocolates? I saw a video where someone applied some transparent gum like substance on the chocolate using a stencil and then poured some glitter powder over the chocolate. The powder that came in contact with glue stayed there while rest of the powder was collected back in another container.
  4. I was using an online recipe for making Almond Roca. While the recipe called for unsalted butter since it wasn't available I used Salted one and added slight more sugar to reduce taste of salt. I put butter in a pan, added sugar and then water and finally corn syrup but butter and sugar seem to have separated. What could be the reason? Pls help.
  5. How did you use it? Did you made something like a pad and poured the coloured cocoa butter in it or you just dipped the stamp in some vessel that contained coloured cocoa butter?
  6. I guess Steve isn't visiting the forum anymore. Has anyone else tried printing using Rubber Stamp or Self Inking Stampers? This seems to be the simplest of all the processes so want to try this first
  7. Hi, I've been using standard transfer sheets for a while now and I wish to make them now as per my requirement. It will mostly contain text and slight design. Can the experts please guide me about the process? Regards
  8. Ill be using compound chocolate and not "Real" chocolate. I read on wiki that fat bloom occurs when cocoa butter comes to surface. Now that I am using compound chocolate, will I have fat bloom issue in that too?
  9. Hi, Most of the chocolate truffles (ferrero rocher like balls) call for some form of Ganache / liquid which has pretty limited shelf life and hence selling them in a hot country like India is a challenge. I wish to know which chocolate truffles last longest? Also is there an additive that can elongate their shelf life? Regards
  10. Entreprenuer is someone who jumps off the cliff and tries to learn flying before he hits the ground. I run a factory producing precision components for textile and automobile industry and I've followed the proverb for last 15 years with decent success. Yes neither me nor my wife has extensive culinary experience but I have passion for cooking new things and she wants to make some money out of her spare time. She has taken a class in making cakes and later learned making different kinds of chocolates with help of internet. Both of us are quick learner and can work hard to achieve goals. 3 days back, we made 1600 pcs of chocolate (8 gram each & in 4 flavours), wrapped them in foil and delivered it to the customer in just 2 days, without any external help. Also we have decided that she will take another class depending on the experience from our dessert joint. As far as success is concerned, I've tried to limit the menu items to the ones we are either already producing or are pretty simple as premixes are readily available. I believe i've prepared enough to take the plunge. I understand that this members of this forum look upon other members are their friends/family and are concerned with their actions. I am glad to be part of this forum Once again I request the experts to suggest other dessert items that I can add to the menu without much hassle.
  11. This looks great. Will dig deeper into this. Thanks for the suggestion
  12. I plan to make or sell ready made ice cream in a waffle cone or waffle sandwich but at a later date as I may be starting this winter. Thanks for sharing the article. While Indians living in US crave for Indian taste, the local Indians crave for new international taste which is why I am interested in Waffles and Donuts.
  13. @Lisa Shock I agree with you and thank you for the informative post. I'd once again request experts to suggest easy desserts that can be added to menu without much of hassle. Lets put aside the target customer class for a while.
  14. My wife had taken baking class about a year back and she will be helping me setup and run the show. Also once the joint is running she will take classes to learn other desserts. My choice of using commercial mixes is based on my wish to provide consistent taste to customer. It's not that I can't make these dishes from scratch. @Lisa Shock you've got great point about rich people being well travelled but I guess in absence of other option even if I offer slightly non-authentic but tasty product, there shouldn't be much trouble. @Smithy thanks for the suggestion. Will try it out. @gfron1 I understand your point. This thread is a small effort in the same direction.
  15. Decent Seating, Warm Lighting & Good music, in addition to tasty treats is the plan. It will be located in prime area of the city to attract rich people. What else should I look into? I will be the first one to start waffle & donuts in my city. There are a couple cake and chocolate joints in nearby but they are just menu fillers, I am primarily banking on Waffles and Donuts. I talked with my equipment supplier and he too told me to make Donuts from Cake Mix if I am taking the baking route. He said most people use cake mix. Since neither me nor my workers will be expert in the product, I want to stick to commercial mix instead of making something from scratch. This will keep my headache to minimal and customers will get same taste always.
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