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  1. Racing Chocs just relocated from a home based operation to a shared kitchen setup as part of my expansion plans. Luckily I've moved in with another chocolate business who owns the industrial unit outright but were just using the second floor as office and storage space. Basically I've built a 3m x 3m air-conditioned room upstairs in which all my airbrushing takes place, since the other chocolatier doesn't really do any of that, I also have around 50% of the remaining upstairs space for office and storage and use the air conditioned kitchen downstairs for chocolate work. So far its been working
  2. Regarding my recent airbrush purchases, I have to admit that the Badger is the one I like the best out of the two. It's 0.8mm nozzle allows the cocoa butter to flow easily and my Iwata Power Jet compressor can keep up easily when I set the pressure at 35psi. With the Iwata airbrush, it just either create huge amounts of atomised overspray (especially when spraying white) when you set the pressure above 35psi or it takes an age to cover even a single cavity with a thick enough layer when below 35psi. I do like the fact that the Iwata airbrush has a spraygun style nozzle, meaning yo
  3. Chocolate Academy Online just released a 1 hour video on their Instagram account discussing all about sprayguns, airbrushes and compressors which is worth a watch. It talks mainly about the equipment rather than technique, but it will certainly help people understand better what to buy and how to maintain - https://www.instagram.com/tv/CBEBiYpJ7I4/
  4. Haha, if I was to revisit making my own it'd be so much faster now. Back then I purchased a 5kg tube of solid cocoa butter from Callebaut (not callets) and didn't have a straightforward way of melting it, so had to chip bits off, which took time. Then I didn't have a stick blender so my unemulsified mixtures wouldnt spray. Basically a catalogue of errors, or shall we call it opportunities for learning :)
  5. @Vojta FYI, the reason I need a vibration table is because my 40-shore silicone moulds are not solid like poycarb ones, so if I try to vibrate them by hand, I will crack all of my painstakingly sprayed decorative layers. Matthew
  6. I encounter this often with my caramel filled chocolate racing helmets and I believe it is down to one of 3 things: Not letting your chocolate shells firm up for long enough - This is pretty much my issue as I am always so pushed for time and tend to let my chocolate set in ambient conditions. Over filling the cavities - Again this is something I do on occassion when not paying attention. I then have the scrape out the excess and this usually leaves a thin coating of caramel on the chocolate shell which will not completely seal when capped. Using a heatgun to warm the tops
  7. Not sure if this question is still outstanding but my website http://www.racingchocs.com is built on the Wordpress platform and I use the free plugin "Woocommerce" to act as my online shop and it's great. I have opted to purchase a few paid plugins to improve its operation but these are not required for simple things like showing your items and taking orders. If anyone is interested, I will happily share my knowledge on this, but keep in mind that I was already knowledgeable about website design before creating my website. The Wordpress and Woocommerce platforms are designed for co
  8. I actually own a couple of these, purchased by accident from PCB Creation during a late night splurge. The one thing I would say is that overheating the raspberry one in the microwave was a mistake, the whole workshop STANK! It was foul. The cocoa butter and flavouring had somehow separated while stored in what I believed to be ambient conditions, so when I put it in the microwave to melt the cocoa butter, the top liquid layer of flavouring seemed to suck up all the little micro waves and proceeded to boil. It was literally only in there for 45 seconds or so, with the cap off.
  9. No problem, here you go. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Dental-Square-Vibrator-Shaker-Model-Vibrating-Oscillator-Lab-Equipment-JT-51B-CE/132920148360?hash=item1ef2a88188:g:LUsAAOSwPGtcPtJ Matthew
  10. I have been successfully using this type of Dental Shaker for almost 2 years without many issues. Although I acquired a couple of Selmi One tempering machines last year that included vibrating platform units, I use custom made 40-shore silicone moulds for my filled chocolate racing helmets, which are too wide to fit on the Selmi vibration platforms. 40-shore silicone is very stiff but still flexible, so I suffered cracking of my coloured cocoa butter when I vibrated the moulds on the Selmi's due to them not fitting on the platform. They are too big for the dental vibration p
  11. I am also based in the UK and although I have purchased the ready to go bottles of IBC black cocoa butter from Keylink, I now tend to purchase these from PCB Creation in France, as I find it is easier to work with and produces superior results when airbrushed. I assume the ratio of cocoa butter to colourant is different between the two brands which explains the differences I have experienced - https://www.pcb-creation.com/produit/1-beurre-de-cacao-colore-noir-200-g/ PCB Creation also have a natural black available for an extra 4EUR if you need/want that option - https://www.pcb-cre
  12. Hi All, I've been airbrushing my filled chocolate racing helmets for almost two years now, producing tens of thousands of them, and have cycled through 3 different types of compressor, 10 different types of airbrushes/sprayguns (more if you count needle size changes), 3 different spraybooth/extraction setups and 3 different brands of coloured cocoa butter, as I search for the ideal combination for my usage and product. I have just got the keys to my new chocolate workshop in Brackley, UK (where the Mercedes F1 team are based) and next week will be building a 3m x 3m spr
  13. They don't have that super high gloss that a lot of submissions to this thread have because I use a custom 40-shore silicone mould instead of polycarb (due to the shape of the racing helmet), but here are some that are straight from the Racing Chocs showroom.
  14. Thanks Kerry, I actually managed to source a Selmi One manual. I admit I was disappointed with the amount of details it gives as to the cleaning, maintenance and fault finding, but the machines are running and working well so all good.
  15. Hey Guys, I have just managed to acquire two secondhand 2016 Selmi One's at a good price, but they did not come with operator manuals. Since the very first thing I want to do is give them as thorough a clean as I can, I feel having access to a manual is vital, and yet I don;t seem able to find one online. As such, I have reached out to the UK agent, but thought I would also ask here if anyone has a digital copy they could ping me? I'm really excited to have purchased these two Selmi's following some outside investment in my chocolate racing helmet business. Also within
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