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  1. Processed foods, including frozen meals and shelf stable meals have been linked to a higher incidence of cancer. I personally really enjoy exploring ingredients and techniques and have been known to make most everything from scratch. I even have a grain grinder attachment for my mixer, so that I can make fresh whole grain flours.
  2. Brisket is the test for this upcoming weekend, I had been waiting for local markets to get them in for St Patrick's day and the price just dropped about a dollar a pound. I am recalling how much my family enjoyed meals where my father grilled flank steak which had been marinated in teriyaki sauce, the thin type. My plan for brisket is a one hour marinade plus injections of Kikkoman regular teriyaki. Then a basic rub of garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, white pepper, salt, and a little sugar. (the rub helps build bark) At the very end, after slicing, I will brush on a little of the thick Ki
  3. HERE's a link showing what is fairly common in cooking the chicken now. Note the photos of the final product with a bite out of it. The judges will take one bite and they expect their teeth to go straight through. Any hint of the skin being pulled off the meat and you lose serious points. I suspect that crispy skin simply will not do this, it has to be braised. I have been scraping the skin then jaccarding it and attaching with an egg white wash. I ran one test with olive oil instead of butter/margarine, and it was ok, I plan on getting some almond oil to try adding flavor. I guess I should te
  4. I have been tasked with putting together a team for a new kosher barbecue event in Arizona, happening sometime later this year. The event was supposed to be in mid-April, but the venue decided to cancel. The organizers are busy looking for a new venue, and have assured us that this will happen. Many details for the event are not quite settled yet, so, I am trying to prepare for all sorts of contingencies beyond the usual concerns about putting out good food. What is known is that we will be following the KCBS kosher rules. As far as I can tell, there were 10-12 such events held las
  5. The barbecue thing is very recent. A person I know is trying to start a kosher event, but recently lost the venue. He's part of the group that runs 8-9 kosher events nationwide (US) with sanctioning from KCBS. The kosher events are much stricter than regular competition barbecues. In the existing events, equipment and meats are provided by the event organizers. This way they know it's all kosher. They also have longer setup periods because a rabbi must approve all other food brought onsite and all tools brought in must be koshered under supervision. Even food brought onsite for competitors to
  6. Long time lurker here, I finally have some questions to ask! (about competition barbecue) I live in AZ, on the West side of Phoenix, and I love to cook. I attended culinary school about a decade ago, but never really got a permanent job in the industry. Anyway, I look forward to learning more about lots of food topics.
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