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  1. Today I've traded my favourite espresso for a pear tea. Unbelievable!
  2. I love the fridge magnet! We usually bring one from every vacation - especially the new places. We kind of have the map of vacation. My friends know that when they go on a trip they don't need to bring anything apart from the magnets
  3. I like when a restaurant has this friendly feel about it and you just know you're going to come back here again. I prefer restaurants when it's not too busy and you can actually have a conversation, but I like to go to some of those where there's live music accompanying the meal. I find it very important that the staff is friendly. It puts me away if someone is working there as if they were forced to do it. I prefer short menu's like this one: http://www.saltflakeslondon.co.uk/menu/ Another thing that's important to me is trying out something new. For me, going to restaurants is especially a good way to explore different kinds of cuisines or eating something I wouldn't be able to cook myself.
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