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  1. Somewhat, though note that potato nails -- even the aluminum ones -- conduct heat >100x slower than a heat pipe. In a heat pipe, the liquid vaporizes at the hot end, travels through the tube (by convection/density), and condenses at the cold end, depositing its thermal energy. This moves heat inwards faster than metallic conduction (atoms colliding).
  2. The space race trickled into kitchens in the 60s and 70s, including one curious tool that's faded away in the years since: the thermal pin, a heat pipe skewer that can halve cooking times for roasts: Heat pipes are thermal superconductors, transferring heat 500-1000 times more effectively than solid copper (some people in the sous vide thread have discussed copper pins). They're hollow tubes with the air evacuated and a small amount of working fluid, often water. The usable temperature range is limited by the triple point and the critical point, with additional constraints ne
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