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  1. I know this is a really old thread but I wanted to post an update: First, some background: I grew up in Vancouver and my grandparents knew Mrs Notte of Notte's Bon Ton. Every birthday when I was a kid, you got to choose which Bon Ton cake you wanted and my dad and brother always chose the Diplomat. I now don't live in Vancouver but have been known to transport a Diplomat across the country as my airplane carry on to take one home. So I was very excited to find this thread! For two years I've been planning to make this and test out your recipe but things keep getting in the way. I finally did it yesterday. IT WAS EXCEPTIONAL! The link to your recipe updates doesn't work anymore so I improvised several things. My husband says I nailed an exact replica of the Bon Ton Diplomat. Thanks so much Vogelap for going to all the work to deconstruct the cake and post your recipe. And for those not in Vancouver but planning to try it out -- it really doesn't take long. (A true Diplomat doesn't have jam in it, but does have buttercream roses and other accents in it. And crumble up the leftover cake and puff pastry when you trim the cakes for the sides!) Aside from my lame roses, it worked out great. I will also try to post a couple pictures. (I'm not an expert cake decorator and this is my first attempt at buttercream decorating so keep that in mind when you view the photos!)
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