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  1. queen square has closed down and james nathan has left the bath priory. Casamia is your best option and bells diner
  2. when and why did geranium close. had a brilliant meal there last year.
  3. thanks food snob, i was looking at sending my commis there in january and le meurice but the shake ups have changed our plans .
  4. i dont believe he is leaving he is just overseeing the venture as well as one in beirut.
  5. any chance it could be translated please as we were hoping to go there in january, has he gone yet and where is he going. Many thanks
  6. i'm looking forward to dinner tomorrow night
  7. which is where i believe claire clark ( french laundry ) is now as well
  8. yeh i see noma coming in quite high this year and possibly Mathias dahlgren. I'm looking forward to the evening , not really bothered who wins though
  9. little suprised too, kenny was my sous and had no problems speaking up. Marcus telling them their food is to simple on day 1 was strange as all he did was a custard tart !! have nt watched tonights yet but will probably be the last week i watch it as it seems really repetitive and scripted and the food is a bad reflection of some very good chefs, clifford and muchison got it right in using it as an advert for their places
  10. ginger chef

    Per Se

    the main course was lamb but it was the main before that was cold which was a boudin blanc with little turned vegetables, the boudin had a bread crust on it. I didnt complain at the time as i really didnt want my wife to think i was having an uncomfortable time and also i know people indirectly in the kitchen and i didnt want to cause them any problems after i had left. i am in a rock and a hard place as what can they do now as i'm in the u.k and i cant just nip over . unfortunately it was just a bad experience one that has put me off Chef Kellers food and an experience i was so looking forward to after speaking to chefs and other diners the weeks leading up including Chef Keller when i was in lyon. On a different side i was warned the night before that i may not enjoy by a former head waiter who now works on the lower east side as he hinted that personnel changes had an effect on his meal the week before . I think i will send a letter i just dont know how to word it as i am not angry just feel let down .
  11. ginger chef

    Per Se

    yes we were on the street by 7.30 pm from a table booked at 5.30 pm. we hung around in the foyer after for abit looking at the other restaurants. then went to a bar for our digestifs.
  12. ginger chef

    Per Se

    unfortunately we had quite a few issues. My wifes butter poached lobster was very undercooked resulting in a very tough piece of meat, my main course was nt just cold it was fridge cold, we had beetroot on 3 courses of a nine course menu, the desserts were really bad quality to the point they were amateurish in both flavour and presentation. We were served our bill with dessert even before coffee had been served and no offer of digestifs etc. We were in and out within 90 minutes. There are more things such as wine from another table being almost served to us. I made no fuss on the evening as i dont complain in restaurants as i like i said i dont want them thinking i am above my station. It was only after we left very early in the evening that i really felt we had been ripped off.
  13. ginger chef

    Per Se

    unfortunately i had a very average and disapointing experience at per se at the end of february and i am still wondering how or if i should write to them. Being a chef i dont want to sound all pre madonna but per se was the only reason i flew to new york and the whole experience was a real let down at a massive price.
  14. kenny (my old sous) moved in august and had various inspections whilst at seaham, scilly isles closed at the end of october and also had various inspections, kenny maintained the star for seaham but tean lost theirs. Kenny i believe will also be representing the northeast in GBM . simon
  15. went a while back and it was nt great , bit like a student halls of residence onsite pub. nice area though. you should try ODE in shaldon
  16. we ' re closed , i'm in training for the bocuse d'Or . reopen the brasserie on tues as for retention its just water i tell people
  17. its a saturday night and i'm sitting on my fanny .
  18. neptune is kevin mangoelles who was at the george on the isle of wight previously. nice bloke and chuffed for him, i'm just chuffed today
  19. Matt tomkinson just phoned and i am well chuffed for him, also marc and glynn, well done all, glad we are still in it , its going to be a tough year.
  20. i had exactly the same menu as much as i enjoyed it i found many similar dishes done better at noma the next night. But still i enjoyed it thoroughly
  21. excellent photos i'm glad you got some as i ate almost exactly the same the other night, without doubt one of if not the best meals i have ever had. i had around 24 individual plates and not one missed a beat. cant wait to go back.
  22. great weekend to go. get yourself down to ryde and experience the worlds largest scooter rally and have a kebab after. keep the faith.
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