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  1. I actually found a little taqueria in Sacramento that also has these burritos. Many may not be aware that it is quite common for taquerias to sell french fries (known as "papas"), such as in carne asada fries. Americans don't have a monopoly on fried potatoes! So it's really not much of a stretch to put those fries into a burrito. If you were going to get some fries anyway, this makes for a convenient handheld meal.
  2. I had another one of these a couple weeks ago, and it was fantastic! I wish they could put shrimp in it, too. Then it would be just like the ones I get in SoCal.
  3. I forgot to include a picture from the place in Renton. Here you go!
  4. In case anyone is curious about what a "real" Cali burrito looks like, this is a picture of one I had in San Diego earlier this year. It'sthe "Surfin' California" from the famous Lucha Libre taco shop. This burrito has carne asada and big shrimp. Their salsa bar is top-knotch, and they also have aguas frescas.
  5. Next, Memo's Mexican Restaurant, the Tacoma location. They have something called the Washington Burrito, which is very close to what I was looking for. It has thin french fries in it, with steak pieces and melted cheese. What a great combination of flavors! I've attached a photo for those who may be curious.
  6. In the coming months I will try to taste and document all California-style burritos I find in the northwest. This is my never-ending quest. First up, El Burrito Loco in Renton, WA. They use crinkle-cut fries. It was OK, I guess. But the seasonings were not nearly as tasty as the places in San Diego. The meat I chose was pastor, and the flavor just didn't jump out at me. If I find myself in the area I might go there for lunch, but it's not exactly a top destination for me.
  7. An update... I haven't had a chance to try the place in Seattle yet. But I was traveling in Southern California for several days, and I had California Burritos three times!
  8. On occasion I enjoy fufu made from cassava root. I am also intrigued by the love of hot peppers in West Africa.
  9. LivingMCM

    KFC 2012–

    I prefer Church's over either one!
  10. I had a fantastic shwarma sandwich from a booth that only took cash despite all the signs saying they took cards!
  11. I remember being disappointed a while back when I was leafing through Dover's edition of Cookery and Dining in Imperial Rome, because this plant was used in so many recipes but I wouldn't be able to make them correctly!
  12. At Sacramento Airport, I like the Esquire Grill. I like to have their prime rib sandwich with a whiskey sour.
  13. In Italy it's quite common to add sugar to little cups of espresso. The artisan boutique-roast espresso culture of the US is different.
  14. LivingMCM

    Craft salad, what is it?

    Is it like "craft beer" and "craft cocktails", giving attention to small batches and carefully concocted items with high-quality ingredients? I don't know how it started, but Sizzler seems to be taking credit for it: https://www.sizzler.com/craft-salad It seems to include trendy "foodie" ingredients such as quinoa and edamame.