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  1. As far a being able to enjoy the coffee flavor and avoid the finer notes that get destroyed when using heat, seems like you might want to make a cold brew with your preferred coffee, then make a reduction from that. Since you aren't applying heat directly against the bean you are avoiding the nastiness that comes with unwanted oils coming out from the bean, but now that I am typing this, I realize that heat of reduction may destroy the finer notes of the cold brew. As an alternative, maybe u could try dehydrating the cold brew and making a powder. Ideally freeze drying would be preferred .... I could be wrong about all of this but it is a nice brainstorming exercise EDITED: I did not read the entire thread so I'm not sure I am adding anything to the discussion but I can't thank you enough for starting this thread. So much good info.
  2. Hi everyone, I guess it was the six months off I took in 2005, traveling through Europe and Africa, that brought me to my love of food. Better late than never I suppose. While I am interested in classic techniques, I really honed in on the science of flavor. Why foods complement each other and other interesting facts in the annals of flavor history. I am in awe of probably.... well ... everyone here and look to just soak up some good knowledge. Julian
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