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  1. I browsed the threads. Very useful information. Thank you
  2. Our bakery production does eggless cakes using a substitute called "biocon cake mix" . And they were successful in doing such recipes which replace eggs with this cake mix. "something new" is the factor that propelling me to search for new recipes. May be its immature. Tomorrow I will do a trail and post the pictures and the facts here. Thanks for all your support.
  3. As I was searching for a dessert to be prepared for the coming Sunday youth program, came across this one variety cake popularly known as Bebinka in Goa state of India. https://youtu.be/e7jE0rEGVDo Instead of eggs I have an alternate cake mix. I want to scale up the recipe to 10 trays, each of which weigh 2 kg batter. Could please guide me how to proceed forward. Tomorrow I am going to make a trail run and will post the pictures. Are there any previous threads exists which discuss similar concept.
  4. I have good amount of almond paste packets. How can I use them for a bread toast sweet Topping? One place i saw cream the butter, almond paste and sugar and apply as Topping. Is it OK? Please suggest
  5. Since mine was a huge number I was afraid to take risk. So I made a trial which was shown in the picture here. I tasted and it didn't taste good. It is just like a sweet bread. The pudding is bread slices brushed with butter, custard sauce with milk, sugar, custard powder. The height of the filling is about 2". The height of pan is 3". May be my skill is also not adequate to make a good pudding. So I am Switching to the Indian version. I will pan fry the bread slices. Dip in hot sugar syrup. And Topping with Rabri (condensed milk). I know avacado Topping but getting huge amounts of ripened avacado is not possible for me in terms of budget. Please suggest me Any other desert Topping.
  6. Thanks Chris. I will follow your advice. I am little bit tensed as the bakery chef will give me only limited time for baking my stuff as tomorrow is weekend. And by the time I go with the sauce and bread to the bakery at the end of their working day the oven will be too hot. I hope this may not have much impact in terms of quick turning of pudding to brown color. I will stick to the time and also test the pudding baked or not
  7. Sorry! I am dropping this idea of recipe. The trial was not at all good. The combination of thick yogurt and vermicelli was not at all matching. I came across another recipe. It's eggless bread Pudding. http://www.vegrecipesofindia.com/eggless-bread-butter-pudding-recipe/ I want to make 350 pieces with each piece dimension 2"×2"×2". Can this recipe be scaled up like this? My baking tray height is about 2 inches (2"). I have estimated that I require 10 of such trays have to be filled with pudding and baked to reach my number of 350. My concerns are: 1) Till how much height, the tray can be filled? 2) Instead of butter can I use margarine? Any other versions of bread Pudding filling available? Attached the image of baking tray.
  8. Thank you for your suggestions. I came to know that here the chefs are adding good amount of butter and fresh cream to improve the taste of soups. Also I will try your version of soup also.
  9. Following is a fusion sweet I want to offer in the youth program this Sunday. https://youtu.be/QRYmWjPJiz8 Please help how to do below: I want 350 of such cups. condensed milk is the agent that is used in the recipe to stick vermicelli together and to make cups. As I have budget constraints, is there any other substitute cheaper than condensed milk to bind vermicelli together in making cups.
  10. But adding to this please suggest me about baking. I have the settings 40 min and 200 centigrade. It's a big oven. I have appealed to my bakery chef to bake my stuff. He agreed. By the time of baking into 30 minutes I visibly see cracks in the top of batter. The picture I took while baking. I was in dilemma and also in fear whether baking has been completed seeing those cracks. Once I heard a chef explaining a good cake baking can be known by seeing the cracks on the top. I asked the chef: seems baking has been completed. But the chef insisted me to stick with the settings. After cooling in the next day means today I checked it was fine although little brownish on the top. seems oven settings have priority over physical observation. Is my guess true?
  11. Please bless me. My first vanilla sponge. Layer filling is chopped Alphonso mango and banana. Topping is liquid glucose, sugar and white compound. Decorated on top with slices of mango and scooped water melon and side decoration with white compound garnishing zigzag. Forgot to take the side view in hurry and my old phone is also troubling.
  12. Thank you. I will try granola bars next week for the temple bells apartment program. I heard granola bars can be a choice for long journey snacks also. I have occasional demand also from the customers for train and long journey snacks. I will implement your ideas. Thank you.
  13. Thank you very much. I have here in bangalore couple of malayalee friends exactly like you extend their helping hand in need. I am a missionary for a charitable Org. and for many reasons I don't want to expose myself more into public life like social media. Since I worked in a software company at newton MA, Boston, for some years, I was little curious about researching western cooking on the web. I like to discuss about cooking and listen to the experts, so I came upon this forum while I was searching. I feel very happy to read the threads and the only short coming is my vegetarian profile. Still I would like to be in the forum to hear the expertise here. I am slowly getting used to the bulk cooking load with the experience of almost a year in this field. Before that I have worked as a software engineer for five years and later by force of the circumstances learnt Indian cooking for three years in the missionary where I have joined. Now the journey is on.
  14. Vijay

    Hash Brown

    Thanks for all of your replies. I will incorporate these methods in the upcoming menus.
  15. Thank you very much for your concern. Yes, all of our customers are Indians. I have been trying for traditional Indian dishes also. However all such cultures are lost. Its very difficult to recreate now the healthy old Indian dishes alone for me. Since on the web, a wide variety of western cooking is available I am focusing a little bit on this part like simple stuff... Bread toast, Ginger bread, baked items rather than deep fried. I got little success. Hope I will improve in future. Last week I got the contact of a bakery chef who promised me to help once in a week. May be this personal guidance is useful in future. Here in this forum also I am studying different threads. All together I hope will make a strong impact. Thank you.
  16. Vijay

    Hash Brown

    Yesterday's our Sunday eve youth program menu : Cucumber cooler Hash Brown Paratha ((Indian flat bread) Vegetables with paneer Hyderabadi biryani (Veg version) Curds Jalebi with Rabri There is a requirement of 400 Pax. I have made unfried hash and kept in the fridge before night thinking of huge volume of frying. On Sunday afternoon started frying on the pan. At one point of time since time is running out, instead of pan frying, did deep fry. This is the mistake I did. The hash brown absorbed oil and didn't come up properly. Pan frying trial was fine. Please throw some light.
  17. Thanks John. I have to workout on this continental cooking. From beginning to end. Will search the forum threads and start applying. I hope very soon I will be enlightened.
  18. This house program is meant for families. I have been sending fruit salad, oats fruit salad, carrots cucumbers salad, different juices, cheese crackers, steamed chickpea flour patties etc. As you mentioned I want more varieties of the above and also some new categories of snacks and savories. Like avacado bread toast etc. But my another worry is transport time half an hour and serving time gap another two hours. So this toast kind of stuff will remain fresh? I have a pressing need to sort out this logistics issues and "serving food fresh" methods. Is this the right forum or is there any exclusive forum which addresses this kind of issues. Please suggest.
  19. Not Janis, they follow Iskcon standards. Menu is attached here Break fast and snack menu.xlsx
  20. They have a dietician and in their proposed menu corn palak soup, baked beans, sweet corn soup, cream of tomato, cream of brokoli, oats cookies, fruits, sandwiches, pasta were there. The children are aged around 5 years.
  21. Thank you very much John! Could you post here the images of your circular disk what you manufactured.
  22. OK liuzhou, understood. But what to serve hot after summer? With this conversation I am remembering one of my older colleague Stephen Zhou while I was working with him at Boston, in a software company acoworldwide.
  23. Sorry liuzhou, for the confusion. Just after that asparagus incident, they told me not to send to any more soups. Till then I was sending cream of corn, cream of spinach, cream of tomato etc. I have Even asked our commercial restaurant chefs. They also don't use onion, garlic and meat products. But all their soups were good which I confirmed. But their billing price is more, so the school can't afford their products. May be while doing the soup I didn't take enough care or at the school end some thing might be wrong. I am a newbie to this kind of continental stuff. So my question is, is there any hot beverage replacement to the soup? May be hot milk is the last choice if I m not wrong. Now in India it's summer but in winter season they may ask us to provide the children something hot. Please suggest.
  24. Thank you for your replies. So is there any replacement, which is a kind of hot beverage which is safe and tasty to offer for children?
  25. For a house program I have to send snacks and savories every Sunday. They requested snacks other than deep fried. I have been sending recently salads, puddings, baked crackers, juices. I am running out of options. Could suggest some more varieties.... I have posted same topic in Cooking forum. Posting again here as this forum exclusively discusses Indian cooking.
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