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  1. Well it's not like tender is an absolute; a couple more hours would not have made it too tender, and a different piece of meat could always start a little tougher.
  2. Eye of Round- at 131f for approximately 15hrs. Would probably go a bit longer next time, but it wasn't tough. No special preparations. At the first couple of slices with a microwaved poached egg. I'd have taken a picture but the egg exploded and didn't look good. In other news, I screwed up twice, once I somehow toggled the Anova off and it sat at a lethal temperature over night. The other, I left off the plastic wrap I normally use to trap the heat and moisture and too much water evaporated. Double checking is now part of my process, it gets expensive wasting meat
  3. 140f, 4.5 hrs pork loin i dont understand the the criticism of sous vide. I think it makes it easy to achieve great results. Maybe that's the problem, anybody can do it.
  4. I just started Sous Vide cooking, my first test was with Eggs. They came out as expected, so I tried my hand at Prime Rib. I may have botched the carving, but it tasted delicious. 133f for ~10hrs.
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