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  1. I signed up at Craftsy and watched the first couple knife skills lessons. Yes he does have a serrated knife in his kit but he uses it for special purposes. He is very skilled and does a great job of teaching classic knife skills. He instructions are very clear & detailed. I would recommend the course.
  2. Too-thin porkchops

    What's the point of all this? A 28 cent chop ain't going to be anything else.
  3. I don't understand why you pay for a online class. The are many, quality vids on you tube that will show you the basics. Check out the one I posted. After that its just a matter of practice like @daveb said.
  4. Is it a serrated knife or a knife with flutes? See this video
  5. I would find a differ class. The only serrated knife I have is a bread knife
  6. Risotto alla Milanese: a few questions

    Is been a while but I used get "marrow bones" at the grocery store. Most folks use these for dogs. I would ask. Most butchers can slice a bone for you.
  7. Too-thin porkchops

    In the end you will have what you started with, a thin, rather uninteresting pork chop. No matter how you cook it its not going to be a thick juicy chop We ate these when I was a kid because we didn't have much money. As I posted before my mother would season them caraway seed, sear, and finish in the oven. She was after a fully cooked chop because in those days you had to fully cook your pork. Throw the dang thing in a hot pan for a couple of minutes. Flip for 30sec Next time get a nice thick, bone in chop.
  8. You certainly can freeze part of it. However, I would stay away from the slow cooker, Sear the roast and put in 350° oven cook to 140° and let rest
  9. Congratulations what a wonderful story.
  10. Multiple Anovas, one phone?

    I guess I wasn't clear. Bluetooth is a point-to-point solution. So you can control one one device.. If you had a WiFi solution you could easily control multiple devices. I use the Roku WiFi interface to control several Roku on several TV's in my house. I never liked Bluetooth because of it short range & general unreliably. But its cheap to do so manufactures use it as a selling point.
  11. Multiple Anovas, one phone?

    Just to correct this thread. Bluetooth is not Wi-Fi. Bluetooth is short range device to device protocol. Wi-Fi is a wireless networking protocol. Which is the answer to the question. No you can't have multiple Anovas paired to the same phone
  12. Doughnut Pans

    I'm with the fry dough crowd. No pan. Like these:
  13. Too-thin porkchops

    Don't get PO'ed but the way I read this is it takes skill to cook the chops.
  14. Too-thin porkchops

    Why not just sear them? No SV. No cryosearing. If they are thin they should be done after a few minutes of sear
  15. Too-thin porkchops

    I cook pork to 140°F and let rest. That's generally somewhat pink.