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  1. I unapologetically like Johnsonville brats. We like plain brats, no cheese, peppers of what ever. Johnsonville makes a Sheboygan style brat. in fact they are from Sheboygan WI the home of brats in the USA.. We never parboil them. Cook slowly on the grill so they don't burst. If you need to keep them you can put the cooked brats in a bath of warm beer. Serve on toasted roll with sauerkraut and a good mustard.
  2. The advantage of the wolf is you can get dang hot flame or a low low low flame. You can forget sauce on for hours on low flame and it won't burn the sauce. I've had the Wolf 12+ years, before subzero bought the line. The real advantage of the Wolf is you make new friends. like the wolf repair man.
  3. FWIW It seems pretty flimsy to me. Looks made with pretty light weight sheet metal.
  4. I'm just skeptical but the one steak doesn't look to be grass fed. Of course I would be shocked if an online supplier wasn't completely honest.
  5. I would go with a blender like the VERSA. Not that large but big enough to do the job plus some. The small blenders would have a hard time handling the cup of tomatoes.
  6. I've made Julia's Boeuf Bourguignon several times and its been marvelous. The richness & thickness of the stock comes from the the beef/veal stock reduction. Not the wine.
  7. I've had one of these for years too. I use it mostly to grind spices
  8. Those things work?!! Man I want one but alas no space in my kitchen. It would be nice have fries with BBQ this summer with out all the work.
  9. Sorry I got bit upset. I deleted my rant. BTW I'm looking forward to making a orzo dish. I thought about many times but never have. I'm waiting until I get to the local, read that as only, Italian deli. They carry Dececco pasta.
  10. @paulraphael Is basically correct. I would explain it a little differently. If we assume the fridge is well insulated, the major heat gain would be from convection when the door is opened. You open the door and cold air flows out and warm air flows in. If I have just one bottle of water in the fridge the temperature change from the warm air would be more than one bottle of water can absorb. If you have a couple of cases of water and open the door for the same amount of time, the water can absorb much of the heat with out a major change in temperature. Ether way the fridge needs to expel the additional heat. It just might not need to cycle on as often with the larger mass. There seems to me to be a secondary effect of reduced air flow if the fridge is full.
  11. I wish you guys would drop this topic. Every time there's a new post I feel like I should get up and clean the coils on my fridge. And it ain't going to happen.
  12. @chromedome my sympathies. It sounds like you had a good holiday with your family.
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