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  1. Hello everyone! I hope youre enjoying this lovely December! Im currently researching the seasonal dishes/traditions, in the different regions of Spain. All used, to give myself ideas for seasonal Spanish party menues. Obviously the internet does have a lot of information, but I'm really curious to hear from food focused people, about their typical cooking. Like, what's the most typical main/dessert, when it comes to winter, spring, summer and autum? I'd appreciate any form for feedback and ideas! So thank you in advance and have a lovely Christmas!
  2. Hello! We´ve been given an assignment at the culinary school, a little fun project. A woman creating jams, syrups and such asked us to find a way to use her leftover products after her ordinary production. It's tomato skin and a fermented apple ice wine. My immediate thought was the route of a marinate. It's almost summer, and the BBQ season is arriving. A reduction of the ice wine combined with a tenderised tomato skin (blended, obviously) mixed with a variety of herbs and such. Anything I could keep in mind? I'm thinking a sort of honey and sage based glace (Sage and pork is excellent friends and we in Denmark do like our pork!). Looking for an all around taste including the 5 different (bitter, salt, sweet, sour and umami). Food usually brings the umami taste, but I still did consider including a sort of mushroom taste to the marinade as well. Burned garlic, honey, tomato, sage, apple(wine), mushroom and lemon zest? Or even fermented garlic. I'd love to hear thoughts about this! And have a beautiful day HTGC.
  3. HTGC

    Tomato soup - How to perfect it?

    The project we´re doing is in the class "food science". We'll start out tasting a pre-fabricated tomato soup to try and guess all the ingredients. After that, we'll individually make our own, based on that idea. While explaining why we choose the different ingredients and why we did what we did. I quite like the "baking everything" idea to intensify the tastes. Something acid for the contractions, maybe cream or sourcream for coating and then basing the pure flavour intensity on tomato/basil/garlic. Of course including spices as salt, pepper and most likely thyme as well. Edit: I did play with the thought about doing a completely clarified soup, but using the "gelatine/freeze/defrost" way, to cheat the vision a little. But due to limited time for the assignment, and the teacher probably finding it "wrongly solved" I scratched the idea. Tomorrow it's playtime instead, poussin with 7 kinds of beets! And thank you all for these outstanding answers.
  4. Hello everyone! We have an assignment in class, culinary school. It's pretty simple. Make a tomato soup. A tomato soup based on Klosse's theory about taste/texture and so on. And obviously a tasty one. So my question is, how do YOU make your absolut perfect tomato soup? There's so many different ideas... Bake the tomatoes? Sugar? Wine? Which secrets do you use, to make the full body, rich in taste and simply lovely mesmeric tomato soup? Best regards, this up-comming chef in Denmark!
  5. Last week I had a few days off work and wanted to play around with a Christmas themed dessert. And after a few crazy ideas here and there, I ended up with the following. Chocolate mousse, lightly smoked with spruce & cinnamon, embedded with a center of salted almond & blackcurrant caramel, and topped with whiskey infused Amarena Toschi cherries & angel hair chili. Delivered a few tastes to different people, and the reactions were all quite good. It had an intense flavour that was unusual for dessert... but the smokiness, with the chocolate, salt, rich cherry taste and whiskey went extremely well together. (The chili was extremely mild and mostly used as a garniture, but did add a "light" extra kick)
  6. Hello and thanks for the membership. I'm a danish apprentice chef (age 29), having short of 2 years left on my education. Working in a "steakhouse" and in the sparetime doing a lot of playing around with food and reading(About food, obviously). My favourites to play around with, is starters and desserts. Sweet tooth, I'd say. (My latest was a cinnamon ice cream lollipop with double fried pancakes, hazelnut puré, lemon curd and edible flowers. The next up for experimenting will be a hollow honey gel ball filled with camomile mousse) I recently finished "Food Consumption in Global Perspective" by Jakob A. Klein and now starting to dig through Modernist Cuisine, so my interests are wide. I'm married to a english girl (half italian), currently living in Sao Paulo for her pHD(Human rights & their previous dictatorship). Both fascinated about food, food history/culture which gives a rich possibility to play around with different cuisines from different nationalities. I'm looking forward to reading, and hopefully contribute, a lot of interesting posts and ideas here. Best regards Henrik Grimaldi Christensen