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  1. I read somewhere that Whitey's is closed.
  2. Basilgirl

    Dinner! 2003

    Grilled bacon & cheddar on raisin bread Bugles Sierra Nevada
  3. Basilgirl

    Frozen Pizza

    American Flatbread Company makes a great frozen pie, the closest I 've ever tasted to homemade. Whole Foods carries it, and it's kind of expensive, but it sure beats Totino's. Or Celeste. Stouffer's 5-cheese is pretty damn good, if you don't mind burning the roof of your mouth. California Pizza Kitchen's garlic chicken is pretty damn good too. Trader Joe's imported Italian pies are very damn good. I like Ellio's when I'm nostalgic for bowling alleys.
  4. Basilgirl

    Leek recipes

    Marcella Hazan has a great leek/chickpea soup recipe in her cookbook, Marcella Cucina. And I don't even like chickpeas.
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