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  1. I heard a rumour that Palena has a dining room in the back too, anyone ever tried it?
  2. John W.

    The Petite's

    Elyse makes a fine Petite Sirah, even better in the Jacob Franklin bottling (if still around). Even though it goes against everything I believe in about wine, I'll still drink the shit out of it.
  3. I certainly hope Tom reviews Timothy Dean's new place as well.
  4. The development was as follows...Needed something to finish the menu, was looking through old menus from New Heights days. The dish was called the more correct sopapillas back in the day, but since we're an American Bistro (sic) we call them dumplings. Wrong on many levels, but you have to duck behind the concept when banging out Mexican food. I have not tasted finished product, but when my cooks crush out the leftovers at the end of the night, I guess it works.
  5. Change half now, half in about 6 weeks or so when it's actually spring. The menu is getting to the point where certain things can't come off. When it gets to the point of 100% untouchable I'll change soups via e-mail from my estate in the Minervois. The menu is labeled Winter 2005 because it's Winter 2005.
  6. Monday for new menu - not a plug, just a customer service advisory.
  7. Bistrot du Coin. Listen to accordians and eat pork products.
  8. Big ups for the Flavor Flav impersonation contest.
  9. We cook it about 2/3 done, cool quickly on sheetpans. Finish to order. With a lot of cream and butter. My personal goal is to have every kernel of rice seperate, using cream might be a crutch (less actual liquid per volume, assuming rice won't absorb the fat as quickly or at all). Using the amount of cream we do seems to do that. It seems as the two in question might have escaped without cream/butter/cheese and other caloric items fully emulsifying, hence the final, dissapointing product. I yield to Joe H.'s vast knowledge on this subject though.
  10. I'm just some damn cook. Evil again, are we?
  11. When are you not in an evil mood? Merlot Blanc is a real grape.
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