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  1. mjmchef


    I had eaten at Aldea a few weeks ago but didn't have time to report. Although the food prepared by Chef Mendez was very good, the Desserts just seemed to fall short.The bread we received was hard. Although covered by a napkin in the dining room with the AC going I did not understand why they didn't heat it before serving. We had a rice pudding tart and the chocolate in textures. The rice pudding tasting like rice just cooked in water and nothing else. e hoped the caramelized crust would save it but no luck. We asked 3 waitstaff members if they had been able to taste the desserts before service
  2. I agree with Tim about you being able to find a paid position, but if your working at Robuchon I don't see why they wouldn't set you up for a stage somewhere. You should let the chef know where you are looking to work and have them help you. I recently finished a stage at RYUGIN in Tokyo and you have to call these places and write constantly if you don't have a connection . Being so close to Japan Robuchon has a 3star restaurant in Tokyo which I'm sure you can get the upper hand on. What kind of cuisine do you want to specialize in should also dictate where you want to stage. Gagniere also has
  3. I have been asked to do a guest chef's night with the chef "Sharon Oddson Gargani". Can't seem to find anything out on their website. I don't know if they are michelin rated or how the food is that is served at their trattoria. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  4. miracle fruit is a berry basically that we get from africa that makes sour things like lemons, limes anything bitter taste sweet thus the miracle part. the tablets we saw come in a tray of 10. I am aware of the typhoon but I know we still get the fresh ones. I wanted to take them back to the states but the fresh doesn't have a long shelf life. Going to miracle fruit cafe today to see if they know where I can get the tablets. Thanks for the help.
  5. I have been in tokyo for about a month now and hade the infamous miracle fruit berry. I wanted to buy the tablets and looked at the miracle fruit website but it seems they were out of stock. Any info on where I might be able to get them here in Tokyo? alos looking for Soy salt. Bought some home type one from south Japan but it wasn't the same. I read of a place called miracle fruit cafe that I will check out tomorrow in namjatown. Thanks for the help.
  6. mjmchef

    NYC Extern

    he couldn't be further from the truth if it hit him in the face. Not only did i pay for school I also paid to live and work for free in england and france. It's an investment on your part. you save your money so you can go and do the stage and it will pay off big time. My friends are the chefs of those restaurants you mention plus others and the difference is between them doing stages and working for free and the line cook who doesnt. You obviously can't support your theory as you never staged abroad or at any michelin restaurant before and know the working and living conditions! El bulli we
  7. I don't know how long you are here in Tokyo for but you should try to visit RYUGIN in Rappongi, which is doing very modern approcah to Japanese food. Most Eclectic in Japan. The other would be Joel robouchon's 3 star place. The chefs all say the Exec. Chef there is probably the best in Tokyo.
  8. mjmchef

    NYC Extern

    anxious cowboy, I wouldn't be so quick to use chefboy24 advise. It will be more difficult getting into 4 star restaurants without having staged/intern at one prior. Also if it's about "MONEY" and not the love of food and knowledge you seek than maybe you can look to go into the front of the house like chefboy24. Alot of people take that route that can't either hack it in the kitchen or are looking for a bigger payday. I know some friends who payed to work for free in france at 3 star michelin places. Bottom LIne: you get out of your carreer what you put into it. If I were a betting man I bet c
  9. mjmchef

    NYC Extern

    You should keep in mind that your just starting out and show that your eager for knowledge instead of worrying what you will be paid. Get used to working (staging) for free. If you want to get ahead in this business it's important to stage here in the states at high rated places. Always start at the top restaurants and work your way down until you get accepted. Also look to go overseas at big name michelin restaurants. I've staged at some of the best out their (EL Bulli, Fat Duck, and as of tomorrow Ryugin in Japan) and always work for free because it will bring you further in your career in
  10. Just wondering if anyone has any information on the names of the 3 star and 2 star. I'm really interested to see if RYU Gin gets 2 or 3. Also if anyone has any info on RYU Gin or Tapas molecular bar I would love to hear anything about them.
  11. I attended the congress again this year and was particularly impressed by Seiji Yamamoto of RyuGin REstaurant in Tokyo Japan. Around me I heard a lot of oohs and ahhs and exciting other phrases to say the least. Just wanted to hear anyone elses thoughts about the food he showcased. Seems like a new destination restaurant to visit. Magiqual = a lot of money!
  12. Just moved out to Jersey.(Bergen County area) and I am having trouble finding any good high end pastry shops.Coming from Long Island there was plenty to choose from. I'm looking for individual desserts as well as danish, cakes and mini pastries. Food Attitude in Long Island city is about the best I found so far. Pretty good product. So any help would be appreciated.
  13. mjmchef

    Long Island

    For a place with a more relaxed feel to it and probably the best food on the Island as far as american style fare, Snaps in Wantagh is the best bet. The chef has worke in some top N.Y spots. Think Auereole without having to get all dressed up!
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