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  1. You know what, Steve, don't bother. I was back this morning with Mr Fireweed and was rather crushed. We don't get breakfast out together very often, yada yada...I was looking forward to it! I hadn't been back there in about two years...and? --it's overpriced and just plain boring. It wasn't even busy and the waitress was on the moon. I ordered waffles, she brought me crepes ( which I sent back and delayed my breakfast even more!). His omelette was warm and bland and the blueberries on my waffles had been frozen for about 100 years. The waitress didn't bring us water until we had our jackets on to leave and then brought the wrong bill. When we finally got the right one it was $25 for omelette, waffle, and 2 coffees. Ouch.

    Skip it!

    I hope you read this before you go.


  2. Hey Jason-

    I was at Pius around 2000 and it was a really positive experience. We had just got an entire set of new stoves in the kitchen, lots of new equipment, and we did have a dishwasher. Still, it's not this stuff that makes or breaks a year..for me it was surviving my classmates who were there for every reason other than cooking. Some were retired and bored; some couldn't handle Math 11 and were sent there by their parents; some were there to collect $$ from the government and the list goes on. I remember one guy in my pastry exam who was so clueless, he cooked his genoise in a pot on the stove and baked his creme anglaise in a cake pan in the oven. Wow.

    But there were a handfull of us who were pretty serious about cooking and our teachers poured everything they had in to us and bent over backwards to kick open doors of oppoutunity for us. They are a really great team and I still keep in contact with them. I think my year cost me about $300- I proabably wouldn't have been able to afford cooking school otherwise!

    I hope you go for it and let us know how it goes!

  3. Is the communal table outside Toqué! used for food service or is it reserved for other purposes (Drinks before, or after dinner and so on...) ?

    It was designed as a place to slurp your oyster while waiting for a table. Very charming little area

  4. I've actually had a coffee at Tasso D'oro in Rome, but I had no idea I was drinking the best in the world. As it was triple the price to drink it sitting down, I enjoyed it at the bar, but it didn't help revive my tired feet! :sad:

    Coffee's great all over Montreal. Toi, Moi et Cafe is great. Olive and Gourmando, also. And nothing beats Illy coffee ANYWHERE! :biggrin:

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