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  1. Great photos! Thanks for the tip, Lesley.
  2. I was unfortunate enough to work with Rocco DiSpirito for two nights in Montreal and it was pretty laughable. Although he was a guest chef, presenting a menu that featured his cuisine, he spent most of the service on his cellphone, laughing and being an ass. I still remember him in his designer jeans and three buttons open on his chef's jacket. "don't you want my autograph?" he asked, sprawling out along the plating table at the end of the night, and seemed suprised when my fellow female cooks and I didn't drool. His show "the Restaurant" opened a few months later, and i realized he was always like that. What an ego!
  3. Ah, yes, silent cooking. Although my 16 month-old is a much sounder sleeper now than he used to be, I am still in the habit of carrying my spice grinder to the bathroom, closing the door, plugging it in next to the sink and grinding away. My husband no longer asks why there's a light dusting of cinnamon on the change table.
  4. Hope I can clear this up! I was thrilled to see the recipe published in the Gazette just two days afte we ate the the Beaver Club! Yes, it is the same recipe as what was published in the paper and I have since credited the Gazette in my blog for the recipe. Hope to try it out soon!
  5. I must disagree with CharityCase as say that my recent dining experince at the Beaver Club was not ALL wonderful. Lesley C, if you were curious about a change for the better, I have to report that the deserts are still pretty bad and quite possibly the worst I have ever tasted in Montreal. Click here for the full review with pictures on my food blog.
  6. Hat's off to you, Angus! You did it! The pictures look amazing and I've been hearing nothing but great things about your place. Can't wait til I can travel from MTL and eat!!
  7. No worries, Simon. Hey moms have to get out too! A while back I took my 6-week-old and met my sister and her 7-month-old there for lunch . The staff were most accommodating. Were they holding their breath? I don't know, but we had a great time. We both breastfed during our lunch and it didn't raise any eyebrows, nor should it! There's babies everywhere you look now. If everyone stopped eating out for the first few years of their child's life, what a shame that would be! Enjoy yourselves.
  8. Ditto this request. We're there St-Jean weekend. Looking for great, affordable food in the Old City. Thanks
  9. Le Jolifou is open seven nights a week. 514-722-2175
  10. This thread kills me, but here's me 2 cents. Here in Quebec we have poutine at Costco and it come in true Costco size, but my poutine connoisseur-of-a-husband doesn't give it thumbs up. Something about the bad taste the sauce leaves in your mouth. I enjoy strolling the frozen food aisles and noting the dumbfounding new additions available for people's freezers. Last time it was the jaw-dropping discovery of ready- made omelettes. Just heat and serve. I didn't check to see if you put them in your toaster like an Eggo, but I'm curious now that I've gotten over the shock . Nothing. Nothing can replace a fresh homemade omelette. Costco or no Costco. We're fans of the samples and we look out for eachother in the way that if we eat something really bad (like breaded mozza) we signal to the other one to 'skip it'. Thumbs up to all the booze samples!!! Do you have those in the States? They usually have a wine and cheese stand at our Costco and quite often a beer and cooler sample station too. I'm also a fan of the energy drinks! YAY for Costco we're only 2 1/2 people at home and our friends think we're nuts to shop there, but man, I am loving my 3.3L stash of Kalamatas in the fridge and the 1.1 kg of Jelly Belly's I am snacking on right now.
  11. Still Looking for copies? Costco had stacks when I went on Friday. At a dollar off the normal cover price, too! Gotta love Costco. Non-Cosco members, do you need a hook-up? Should I pick up a pile? Fireweed
  12. Thanks to all for the help! I've passed the info along and everything is very useful. Fireweed
  13. The Gazette named the top 10 caterers in Montreal roughly a year ago. Does anyone remember this list??? A friend of mine is getting married soon and is looking to me to point her in the right direction as far as a caterer, but there's so little info out there about who's good, who's hot, etc!! Any help would be appreciated! Is Area still doing events? I know De Vienne is one of the best, but the wedding is for 400 plus people, I don't think they would do it. And forget Denise. Any feedback on Agnus Dei? Avocado?? Thanks all, Fireweed.
  14. It just wouldn't be Christmas without Manjari truffles. Thanks for the tracking tips.
  15. How do I go about getting my hands on some manjari if i'm not in the restaurant scene ? Does anyone sell the chips or is it just bars? thanks
  16. I agree, this is one funny thread. Hats off to those plugging this restaurant, but you are starting to look a little desperate. Empty on a Saturday night? Doesn't sound to me like people are happy.
  17. We dined there a few weeks ago and I have to agree with Vinfidel abot the saltiness. Never have I tasted steak/frite so salty. It was almost inedible-and I am pregnant and craving salt! My husband's venison tartar was a dismal version of the past- the only distinct flavor was of an overdose of Tabasco. The French onion soup was bread pudding, not a drop of broth to be had and over-salted as well. Our waiter looked and acted like he had just lost his mother and in the end we skipped dessert and hightailed it out of there. Heartbreaking, as this was, hands down, our favorite restaurant for a few years.
  18. Cooks needed ASAP!! Various positions available. Be a part of this new Montreal hotspot! 514-722-2175 ask for Fergie (Dave)
  19. A big congratulations to Dave, Helene, Chris, Karl, Conrad (!) A.B, and the rest of the gang at Le Jolifou for the three star review in today's Gazette! You deserve it!
  20. It was a nasty, slushy day; however, there was a grand opening nonetheless and I managed to make it to the market to check out the new stores. Only about 8 of the 20 are open so it was a bit dead, but still looks promising! A cook book store! Lots of meats, cheeses, and coffee to choose from, but my first purchase was from Olive et Epices: ( Philippe de Vienne's store) a can of incredibly fragrant, bright green cardamom. Beautiful stuff. What a fantastic array of spices and chillies. I'll be back.
  21. I believe the featured region is Northern Italy and the featured city, Chicago. No big names yet that I have heard, but perhaps Charlie Trotter will be back!
  22. That reminds me! I just returned from visiting family in New Mexico where purslane grows wild everywhere. It's really a weed down there. I tried to convince my brother in law that even the finest Montreal restaurants served it ...but when I served it, slighly wilted atop sauteed halibut, he pushed at aside and scoffed at the thought of eating weeds. It's great stuff.
  23. Montreal catering companies are an enigma to me. I know that they exist, yet you never hear anything ( positive OR negative) about them. I haven't lived in the city long enough to know anyone who runs one, and I haven't attended enough company christmas dinners or weddings to form any opinions of my own.. I'm curious, is Montreal just as strong in this area as it is in fine dining establishments? If so, what are some forefront names? Is there a lot of diversity or is everyone serving smoked salmon mousse profiteroles? Lesley, you must have some opinions on this... Just wondering-
  24. Lesley, The article was on the front page of Thursday's paper, November 20th, and Allison Lampert wrote it. Didn't really say who was taking the heat, but I doubt Mr. N! Fireweed
  25. Welcome to egullet, Chef Antoine! I think you'll enjoy your stay. You made some good points in your post; however, I did have to smile a bit to my self when I read in the Gazette last week about Pius's stash of cash ($2000 was it?) that was discovered months after a Valetines day dinner that had produced the revenue...Definately some stuff falling through the cracks here. It's good to have great teachers and all, but how about some equally great directors?
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