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  1. Langan's also has grouse (with the usual bits) for GBP 19.50. Anyone seen cheaper? Gavin
  2. Jay try the Summer Isles Hotel , in Achiltibuie, north of Ullapool. Need to book a room to have their set dinner since small dining room but they also have a pub annexe that serves their grub. Anny
  3. Samantha Would you be happy to mention the cost?
  4. Oi - that's MR Old Codger to you Missy...
  5. Tony, I've been trying to think of examples of good East End Boozers (EEBs) that might contradict your opinion (purely for reason of trying to start A Heated Debate), but frankly I'm struggling. The Dove in Broadway Market is the only one that might be a destination EEB that comes to mind. Any others? Gavin
  6. Thanks Winot, noted for next time.
  7. You mean that this pub exists? I spent ten minutes walking up and down Fieldgate St. trying to find it and finally spotted the old brewery sign on the NT wall. I assumed that this was the name of the pub that now houses the restaurant. I can usually spot a pub at 200 yards; where is the Good Samaritan lurking? Gavin
  8. Hmm, in joke methinks... First visit to NT last night, and very impressed we were. Taking the advice given here we stuffed ourselves silly from the starters menu plus some breads. Only item that was not really enjoyed was the pakora, but that serves us right for ordering the veggie option. Total cost 18 quid! That's between three of us. Amazing. Gavin
  9. Agreed. Now been twice - an enjoyable visit on each occasion. Popped in on spec last Saturday for lunch. We were both impressed by the room, big, square and white. The staff are very agreeable and friendly (are they seconded from St. John St.?). I had a bowl of langoustine with superior mayo and Anny had foie gras on toast (I think liver & pate du) with a prune and onion marmalade - both very good. Eccles (sp) cake and a generous wedge of Lancashire, from Neil's Yard, was shared. I haven't realised what I've been missing - the cake is fabulous. Last night we took a friend for dinner. The ladies contented themselves to a bowl of olives to start and I had bloater on toast. This is served as a pate - again good. For main we shared a pot-roasted guinea fowl, and a plate of raw vegetables. I like the fact that the bird is placed on the table whole and you just dive in. The bird was good but I think the veg was enjoyed more - a novelty perhaps? So, very informal, good food and a joy to have as a neighbourhood local. Sorry Dan, forgot to add that the bread is brilliant, it's offered in abundance as you order. May have to give up my weekly Poilaine habit. Gavin
  10. As a poor humble punter who is lunching there on Saturday, should I be offended if a booth is not offered?
  11. Thanks rjs. Having no luck finding a website for them. Anyone Google better than me? Gavin
  12. Just in case LML has erred, I'll pick the other one: Thornton's. Gavin
  13. Has anyone been to the restaurant on one of the lower floors of the Oxo building (the space that was, albeit briefly, Richard Neat’s place)? Gavin
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