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  1. ChetaMorton: thanks for the note. Let me know when you try Bivio. I have seen the new bakery in town but have not been there. It's on my list!
  2. Went last nite. Part of me doesn't want to tell anybody about this! Excellent, authentic pizza in a small lovely space. Enjoyed a fabulous porcini mushroom pie and a margherita. Go now b4 you can't get in!
  3. New pizza spot opening in Little Falls: Bivio (means "fork in the road" or "crossroads"). They'll be doing authentic Napoletano pizza and fresh bread. The brick oven was imported from Italy. The web site isn't up yet but the URL is www.biviopizza.com . Open Tues-Saturday. This is right in my little town so I'll ck it out & report back. I'll probably do a "first look" posting on my blog when they open & then a fuller review after they've been open awhile.
  4. Hi. NJ eGullet member coming to Memphis nxt wk for the BBQ Championship, but would like to sample some of Memphis' best BBQ spots. Recommendations? Also interested in local breakfast spots downtown. Thanks!
  5. we are in SF now & wanted to give the forum an update. Had dnr at Perbacco the first night - it was very good. 1st course: strawberry & arugula salad w/ricotta salada. Main: pasta stuffed w/Meyer lemon & ricotta & mint. Dessert: Piemontese choc custard w/amaretti & candied cocoa nib. Also "ugly but good" hazelnut cookies. Service was a little stiff; efficient but not very warm Last night we had dnr at Chez Panisse. Outstanding! I will post details shortly. Tonight we are going to A16.
  6. Any recommendations for dinner near the NY Times bldg (W. 41st)? Something a little less cafeteria-ish than Schnippers. Thanks!
  7. We went to the preview of the new ZinBurger in Clifton on Dec 11. Burgers were very good. Nice selection of wines by the glass and beers. Service was pretty good for pre-opening. Has anybody else been there since they opened Dec 13?
  8. Wow! Incredible responses - thank you! I love the bakery recommendations (thank you for reading my blog!). Our friends who live in SF also recommended Arizmendi so I'm sure I will get there (along with Tartine and Crixa). I am definitely keeping Chez Panisse on my list -- I think if I didn't go I would regret it later. So we will have two more opportunities for dinners in the SF area and I will review all the recommendations very carefully. I have been to the Slanted Door (which I loved)& Boulevard. Renn: it's funny you mention The Manor in West Orange -- we live about 5 minutes from there. Although we haven't been there for their a la carte dining, we have been many times for weddings, events, etc. However, we have been to dinner several times at their sister restaurant, The Highlawn Pavillion, which is wonderful. Again, thank you!
  9. Hi, everybody. Thanks so much for the great recommendations. I will ck out the ones I am not familiar with (such as Jackson Fillmore). If you come up with other suggestions, please let me know. Thanks!
  10. NJ eGulleter planning trip to SF in April for 4 days. Has anyone eaten at Chez Panisse recently? I've had this on my "list" for a long time, but some recent press has been disappointing. Would love recommendations for restaurants we should not miss while we are there. Gary Danko? Zuni Cafe? Michael Mina? Any spots in North Beach? Thanks!
  11. Thanks, Andrew. Great insights into the Savannah food scene. I recently saw somebody else giving high praise to Paula Deen's place so maybe we'll give it a go.
  12. I called Oceanos last wk to find out when they were opening. The gentleman who answered the phone said possibly this wk (July 5). Looking forward to a more casual version of their Fair Lawn spot.
  13. Hi, BPBNY. Thanks for the info. I had read about Elizabeth's on 37th & it looks great. The other two I had not heard of so I will check them out. I had no intention of going anywhere near Paula Deen's place, but thanks for confirming that!
  14. went for breakfast about 2 months ago - very mediocre food and below par service. not worth the time or money, unfortunately.
  15. Hello! Visiting Savannah for the first time for a long weekend in Sept. Would love input on "don't miss" restaurants. Thank you!
  16. Update: we had a wonderful dinner at Central on Dec 29. The food and service were terrific. We started with the Gougeres (light, delicious), followed by a roast pork loin special served with butternut squash puree and broccolini, accompanied by a very nice Pinot Noir. Only had room for a scoop of the Malted Vanilla ice cream for dessert. The bread served with dinner was outstanding. It was packed on a Tuesday evening but the wait staff hummed. Excellent dinner! I would definitely recommend Central. Many thanks to the DC eGullet members for the great conversation around this topic and recommendations!
  17. Thank you - great suggestions! I am really looking forward to this trip - I haven't been to DC in about 4-5 years and besides the great restaurants, I just love the history, museums, etc.
  18. Thank you both for great input. I think Central will be the choice - a) because it is a little less formal and I think that suits the mood for the evening, b) the menu looks terrific, and c) CityZen has no availability that night. Will definitely try to get to CityZen in the future! Thanks, again.
  19. Greetings - NJ eGullet member coming to DC for one night in late December. Would love the DC group's input about where to eat. Have read lots of great reviews on Michel Richard's Central & CityZen but would love a first hand report. Other thoughts? Thanks!
  20. it doesn't surprise me that Gimme Jimme's closed. we were in there one night after the movies and all three of the staff were sitting behind the counter playing hair salon. they were actually combing out and fixing hair styles behind the counter! it was disgusting. i sent an e-mail to Gimme Jimme's management and they wrote back to say their employees denied doing this (of course!). i also wrote to the Montclair Board of Health but never got a response. the few times i had previously been in there i never really thought their products were worth the money. hopefully, a worthwhile establishment will open up there.
  21. We had an absolutely wonderful dinner at Red Sky last week. See my blog post here: www.thecookstour.blogspot.comThe Cook's Tour
  22. They got a great review in DownEast Magazine & the menu on the web site looks terrific. Wondering if any eGulleters have been lately? Thanks!
  23. *waves!* Yup, I'm ready! What's open already? The Clam Box? What else? ← Crosby's in Bucksport - wonderful fried clams and fried scallops.
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