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  1. Hardly "the stars in full"! What about the news additions of : Plas Bodegroes in Phwelli Carlton House in Llanwrytd Wells Ynyshir Hall in Machynelleth or are these just too Welsh to mention? Longeuville Manor already had one, it's Cafe du Moulin that gains its first star. More new Michelin 1 stars, unmentioned by our journalist friend: Chavignol at the Old Mill, Shipston-on-Stour Sol, Shrewsbury The Olive Branch, Stamford Rococo, Wells-next-the-Sea Priory House, yeovil Andrew Fairlie at Gleneagles, Auchterarder The Commons, Dublin And there you go. Sorry to be a pedantic old fool but I though you might appreciate a full list!
  2. ah yes, the Yang Sing. The only restaurant in manc ever to get reviewed in the national press. Sometimes I wish they would get off their high horse and venture out of Chinatown. Unfortunately we do have a plethora of chain restaurants in Manc. Chester is even worse with only a handful of independents, with chain delights such as the dreaded Est Est Est, which has gone increasingly downhill in the past year, and the Mongolian bloody Barbecue.
  3. Yes Thom, forgotten about Restaurant Bar & Grill. Only had the 'bar snacks' but very good and very filling, especially the Middle Eastern platter. However duck spring rolls were a bit fatty, maybe a one off... Will try main restaurant once I can actually get a table!
  4. Unfortunately I haven't been able eat anywhere recently I suppose 'you lot' (and I mean that in a nice way!) would consider fine dining, as I'm saving up for both a house and a wedding! However, last December I had the good fortune to eat at Palmiro, which is just outside Manchester. Fantastic Italian food and they adhere to the Slow Food premise, which meant for a wonderful cheeseboard. They also do inventive veggie stuff, rather than goats cheese , like butternut squash lasagnette with fonduta & amaretti crumbs (I'm not veggie but the mood takes me sometimes). Oh yes, about a year or so ago, or when it first opened I went to the River Room in the Lowry Hotel for lunch. What a disaster! Despite being almost empty, all the dishes took ages to arrive and when they did they were all lukewarm or just plain cold. The many staff were very nice but seemed to faff an awful lot (are all MPW places like that???). Once my dish had been reheated , the Aberdeen Angus en daube was delicious, but I could have done without the wait. So to answer your question Yvonne, I'm 'eating' in the NW but I do hope to broaden my horizons on my travels.
  5. Yes I know there has been a similar thread and I know the topic has been discussed as to why restaurants don't get acknowledged/are any good, etc. I'd like this topic to discuss anything north of the Watford Gap (speaking metaphorically). I can't believe no one has had a decent meal in Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Nottingham and so on. I am sick to death of reading 'has anyone been to Nahm/Gordon Ramsay/etc?'! Yes I know the quality is mostly in the capital and that fine dining doesn't tend to work as well in the cities of the north but please can we discuss some none Southern places???? I live nowhere near London and I'm sure there are some other E-Gulleters who don't either. Otherwise I love this site and this is my first post, eek!
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