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  1. Hi, yes, sorry for not specifying my budget. I did not really set it exactly, however I am willing to spend 150-250$ on it. I want to brew mainly espresso, meybe sometimes some other kinds. You reccomended Baratza Virtuoso and Ascasso. Virtuoso is I guess more famous than Ascasso (I was looking at I-2 version). I-2 seems to be around 270$, which is above my budget, but it seems quite good. I even found a review of Ascasso (proved out to be quite hard thing to do - everyone reviews Baratza Virtuoso, but Ascasso not so much). I will probably look over Ascaso I-2. Its design looks ok though (pictures on google). Virtuoso is great, however somehow I prefer Italian companies... Meybe I am just weird about that, I think it is probably more durable. Also designs seem both quite good and they are in same quality class (I think). There was another reccomendation of Encore - even when I was doing my research it seemed great, but I prefered next generation grinders - like Virtuoso and similar. Anyway, thank you for your reccomendations, if anyone has any other reccomendation, please feel free to comment.
  2. Hi everyone, I am looking for a new coffee grinder in the kitchen. I want a good model, that will grind my coffee consistently and will not brake soon. Can you tell me what are the things I should be careful about when choosing a coffee grinder?
  3. I think they are just trying to expand themselves and get some market share
  4. My personal favorite is stil camomile tea. Healthy and warm beverage at cold winter nights. Nothing can beat that!
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