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  1. You must be talking about the soft of grape vinaigrette. Also, wouldn't the square of lamb be more appropriate on cube's menu?
  2. And how about the pastry chefs greed, Ribo. Man, if you haven't tried it, you haven't lived.
  3. I guess you don't recognize me with the beard, but yeah, it's me.
  4. I put the ass in everything baby!
  5. Ribo, how many of you had to share this one glass of port?
  6. Now I wouldn't be too sure about that! I've got a feeling that the powers of persuasion of a certain ten year old girl will have you back there sooner than you may think!
  7. raspoutine

    Summer Whites

    Craig, do you know if the Cometa has a similar blend of grapes? Sammy, that bottle of conundrum with no mention of Caymus anywhere on the label sounds fishy, I would suspect it of being a knock off. Also, what do you eat when you crack one open? As delicious as it is, I have yet to successfuly match it to food. Maybe foie gras? Cheese? I'm beginning to wonder if it might not be best enjoyed on its own, or as an aperitif.
  8. You ate it, you bought it, no? If for whatever reason you choose not to return the dish, you must expect to be charged for it. Although if you're not entirely satisfied you should voice your displeasure to the manager, who must then try to make amends by either offering a round of digestifs or dessert or cheese or whatever. Am I wrong?
  9. Had my first KK yesterday. It is a good doughnut, so what? What's the big deal? You all seem like nice folks and everything, but I think you are all nuts! Just kidding, a little.
  10. Lesley, Melies has a terrasse. I know this because I have sat on it, Rex knows this because he has been the manager at Melies for the last four years. If you still have doubts, drive by later on, I'm quite certain they'll have it set up on such a nice sunny day. Cheers.
  11. What happened to the second O in Ottowa?
  12. In Minneapolis, Dunkin Donuts have all but disappeared. However, most of the old Dunkin Donut stores are still donut places -- all independent (and not under the DD name) run by Vietnamese immigrants. They make wonderful donuts, and most of them do sandwiches at noon.
  13. Amelio's on Milton is quite popular with students, and it has been around for a while. Jersey, You're right about Gigi's, top notch! I'm not so sure about Tevere in the Fairview food court though, maybe I'm wrong. Also, is the original Place Tevere still open in Ste-Genevieve?
  14. The pizza at cucina is O.K. but certainly not worth going out of your way for. Their pasta is to be avoided at all cost. You've been warned. As far as doughy crusted, Montreal style pizza is concerned, my favourite has got to be Place Tevere in Dorval. It's the one I grew up on, and the one all subsequent pizzas had to measure up to, and virtually every single one has failed miserably. Cook-em-all, what is the name of the place you ordered from when I helped you move all those years ago?That was a fine pie as well.
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