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  1. Hello I am hoping to start selling Charcuterie and smoked products (fish,meat,cheese) at local farmers markets that I have made myself using local produce. I will be doing this at weekends to start with as I am not quite confident enough to give up the day job and pursue my dream just yet, but at least I'm working towards it! There are a lot of Scottish recipes that I love, but none more so than Ayrshire homemade soup that my grandfather used to make or Ayrshire tatties with green tails! Soup 1 litre Chicken stock 1 small Grated Turnip 4 Grated Carrots 1 Finely chopped leek 3 Finely cubed Ayrs
  2. Hi everyone, I live in Scotland, but have spent a lot of time in Spain and Italy eating Charcuterie. I am very interested in home curing and I decided some time ago to try it out using good local meat. My nearest butcher gets his meat from Northumberland which seems ridiculous to me as Scotland has plenty of good producers so I now travel 20 miles to get my pork from a butcher who gets his animals from 50 miles down the road in Dumfries and Galloway. I built my own curing shed using a large cage, gardening mesh and fleece, and I chose a traditional salami recipe using pork shoulder, fennel s
  3. Hi everyone, I'm about to enter the food industry in Scotland, something I have been considering for a long time, so I'm here to pick up some tips and share my experiences with all foods Scottish (and a bit more exotic!) as part of my preperations for the challenge ahead! Nick
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