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  1. Hi Bart just got the Romertopf pot- im a bit confused- can you email me the NO knead recipe..

    marvalpert@gmail.com  - I see recipes but it says to preheat and i know that is wrong

    1. Flea


      Hello Bart

      I have just found a Romertopf in an op shop in new condition and want to make  No Knead Bread. 

      Can you please give me your recipe and instructions as to  do I soak or just put into 

      cold oven while preheating and what to do to prevent sticking?

      Thank you

      Flea :/



  2. I've used clay bakers for my breads exclusively for a couple years now and have never had any problems with "stickage". I use the no-knead method and put the wet dough (after it's been proofed for at least 18 hours) straight into the cold clay bakers. No foil, no oil, no soaking, no butter, no parchment. Just dough against clay. Set oven to 450* for about 35 minutes, then remove the top of the clay baker and continue to bake for another 10 to 15 minutes, until nicely browned. The results are perfect every time (IMO anyway.) Tried to post picture but it's not displaying...
  3. See? This is exactly what I mean. Friendly folks willing to share their accumulated knowledge for the betterment of all. Sounds corny but it's a "real people" thing for me. Thanks for such a warm welcome. See y'all in the forums.
  4. Wow! What a huge wealth of information! While it was a singular topic (Google/freeze dryers) that lead me here, after browsing for just a few minutes I can see I've come across a veritable encyclopedia of culinary insight, experience and knowledge. All this coupled with, even more importantly, a willingness to share this accumulated wisdom with others/beginners. Bravo! Thanks to all! I 'spect I'll be spending lots of time reading here.
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