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  1. Can anyone confirm whether or not Tayyab's is open at all during Ramadan? I just phoned but the person who answered couldn't understand me and I couldn't understand him. Ta.
  2. Five of us had dinner in the Salt Yard last Wednesday. First time there, and I would definitely go back. We did find it noisy, but the food and wine is excellent. I would highly recommend the chorizo in red wine sauce and the pork belly.
  3. I had the most wonderful tea at Yauatcha (London, UK) the other evening. It was Fujian, roasted Anxi Tie Guan Yin tea. I've never tasted tea like that before. Does anyone know where I can buy some in London? Any suggestions appreciated.
  4. I have been using Abel and Cole too, but there's also Simply Organic. They deliver on Saturdays, but have minimum order values of £35 for weekday deliveries and £45 for Saturday deliveries. Edit to say: Apparently these people can deliver between 5pm-10pm in London. The Organic Delivery Company
  5. The thing is - what should go on the scone first, the cream or the jam?
  6. Esarn Kheaw, 314 Uxbridge Road. Lovely Thai place. Booking advisable as it's tiny and popular with the locals. Although may not be classed as a 'light supper'.
  7. If you like Hoegaarden, you should try La Chouffe Golden. ooo la la! Will look out for that one. Recently tried Bruges Tarwebier. Mmm, mmm, mmm. Smooth, white and lovely.
  8. reddevil

    Fried Rice

    Yeah, I make the rice (fried) and then add the above concoction. Do you make the rice boiled or fried? I think that makes a difference.
  9. reddevil

    Fried Rice

    some chopped tomatoes, some chopped spring onion, crushed garlic, jalapeno peppers and the juice of two limes. mix it all together with the rice and YUM. I must confess I have this dish with freshly made rice.
  10. Anything that claims to be 'X % FAT FREE'. It's misleading.
  11. In London (UK), for anything Middle Eastern I go to Greenfields on Crawford Street. It has all the standard stuff, but most importantly they stock Sudanese plaited cheese.
  12. Went to Fatafeet a couple of days ago for lunch. It seems they do their main business at night, as we were the only customers there in the afternoon. We had stuffed pigeons, foul madames and okra stew. Their menu is extensive. However, the stuffed pigeons did not taste fresh (I guess it is difficult to have such a dish made the same day). The okra was tasty and the meat in the stew was tender. We were also given an aubergine salad - this consisted of sliced aubergines covered in a garlic, chilli and oil dressing. It was tasty and very spicy. We had two big baskets of bread - Egyptian bread and pitta bread. Overall I'd say this is a good restaurant. I would go there again in the evening (when the weather is cooler and you don't have to sit right next to a huge AC unit) for a better atmosphere, shisha and some mezze! Very good: Blue Elephant in Al Bustan Rotana Hotel. We had the buffet special for 95 Dhs. Good choice of dishes, including a pick-it-yourself stiry fry that is cooked for you there and then. I noticed they had a special vegetarian section as well. The service was immaculate. We felt like royality. The dessert section was amazing - such a wide range of fruits (as well as some other Thai desserts). This included lychees, jack fruit, mangoes, melon, mangosteen, papaya, pineapple and water melon. Definitely worth a visit. One member of my party assured me that he had never seen such a comprehensive wine list (in Dubai) as the one at the Blue Elephant. Very good: Noodle House in Emirates Towers. We had to wait 30 minutes for a seat (they do not take reservations), but it was worth it. The seating is on long benches, refectory style. We had beef szechwan, steamed rice and cantonese style duck for the main course. For starters we had chicken dumplings and vegetable spring rolls. All the dishes were tasty and refreshing. The beef contained a balanced mix of black bean sauce, stir fried veg and onions and chillies. Enjoyable: Chilis in City Centre shopping mall. For Mexican fast food, this restaurant is a good place to go to. The atmosphere is relaxed and the portions very generous. As usual: Clay Oven was excellent. Had the vegetable kadahi - yum yum yum. We ordered peas pilau as well as Naan. It is great with the Naan. For 4 of us the bill came to 115 Dhs (£19)!! Such excellent value on top of a delectable meal - what more could you ask for?
  13. Ok, having taken the time to have a look at your website maybe a better suggestion from me is The Chelsea Bun Diner on Limerston Street, SW10. They are famous for their breakfasts.
  14. If you find yourself in Hampstead then go to La Cage Imaginaire (16 Flask Walk, NW3; tel 020 77946674). It's intimate, cosy and the food is pretty good too. You won't be disappointed. Here's the streetmap.
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