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    Asian-style Master Stock

    Nickrey, thank you so much! That's very helpful! I'll give that a go. Also, a sidenote, most commercial kitchens that use masterstocks have seperate stocks for each protein (ie: one for pork, one for chicken, one for fish etc.) but most domestic cooks don't bother.
  2. Joel Aarons

    Asian-style Master Stock

    Hi everyone, I am new to the forum. Looking for ways to ask all the asian cooking questions I have. The first is this. I have a Masterstock recipe I want to try. Once I'm done, I plan to cool it, skim the fat, strain it and freeze it, with the hope I can develop it over a number of years. Different recipes say different things as far as what to do when you bring it out. Is it right bring the frozen masterstock to boil, add the aromatics (ginger, cassia bark, star ainise, rock sugar, orange peel) as well as the sauces (light soy, dark soy, shaoxing wine etc) again into the stock? Or do I just leave it? Thanks!