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  1. i've read all the things over the last few years about how cognac makers ain't what they used to be; about how XO nowadays is barely the VS of years gone by, and how the cocktail world has gone to hell in a handbasket. i've come to accept that i'm never getting the good stuff, and really i'm OK with that at this point. but that's not what this is about. what i'm interested is in an 'everyday' cognac, as much as there can be an everyday something in a liquor category where the most basic of the basic costs $25 a bottle. i'm looking for the kind of thing where you can use it to flame your steak au poivre without feeling like you're throwing your wallet in the garbage disposal. but i'm also looking for the kind of thing where if you felt like a cognac after dinner, you could drink it without feeling like you were swilling the cognac equivalent of bankers club. does such a thing exist? is there a cognac version of eagle rare 10 year bourbon--damn good sippin' booze that's still reasonably priced enough to use in mixed drinks, cooking, and the like?
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    Agreed. Nice whiskey selection too.
  3. mrbigjas

    Tiffin - Indian on Girard

    way late to this but: 1. tiffin has been slipping majorly. i don't bother anymore. 2. ekta is significantly better; whether or not you should bother is up to you. they still do cvery good stuff though. 3. minar palace came back in full force as exactly what it was: inexpensive (though not as cheap as it was) curry house. it's a different kind of thing than the other two.
  4. i don't know if they still carry it, but downtown cheese in the terminal used to sell bomba rice. both they and dibrunos carry a couple varieties of chorizo from palacios. dibrunos also has a couple of more handmade expensive offerings, but for the basics, those are pretty much the sources in town that i know of. edit: i should mention it's about $10 for a loop of the palacios chorizo. about the same price as you'll pay from anywhere online.
  5. they followed it up with cheesesteaks and then a kind of catch-all roast pork, cutlets, meatballs, etc. article. Really enjoyable series.
  6. mrbigjas

    Catahoula Bar and Restaurant

    Has anyone been back here since the chef bailed for Cantina? Any thoughts?
  7. well, like $6 or $8 a lb instead of $20 -- while granted you're buying a whole fish vs. filets, the perception is still that it's cheaper, you have to admit. and no, i don't buy bluefish, generally. but it's there and it's cheap.
  8. thanks bob! i guess i WAS misreading their price list or something. i'll look more closely next time. maybe i also got that impression because they don't stock the cheap junk fish i often buy -- sea bass, sardines, mackerel, bluefish and the like. so i didn't have the $4.99/lb fish right next to the $22 stuff to distract me.
  9. wait am i missing something? i've wanted to buy from otolith ever since i heard of them, at least a couple of years now. but when i go down there (or over at almanac market in northern libs) and look at their prices i'm stunned by them. am i misreading something and their stuff isn't prohibitively expensive?
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    Asian Green Taxonomy

    looks like tatsoi to me.
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    Top Philadelphia restaurants

    if you want a good cheesesteak but still want the atmosphere, walk two blocks over to cosmi's deli at 8th & dickinson, then take your steak over to the pats/genos corner and hang around while you eat it.
  12. mrbigjas

    Squash Blossoms

    quesadillas! http://www.saveur.com/article/Recipes/Squash-Blossom-Quesadilla
  13. anyone have any? we'll be in beach haven next week-ish. i know it's early season but i haven't heard of much yet...
  14. no, it's vanilla. but the key thing is huge slabs of salty peanut butter going through it. so good.
  15. Hey! thats good news about them still open in some way. I thought they had closed up for good and gone away completely. but sadly... that old place they had was the BEST! There was nothing else like it around. good to know you can at least still get their ice cream. I LOVED the peanut butter ripple ! i can assure you that the peanut butter ripple (aka the best ice cream ever) is still there, and still awesome.
  16. goodnoe's still exists, but is no longer in the format it used to be -- it is now a small ice cream shop on sycamore st.
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    The Oyster House

    oyster house should be ashamed to participate in beer week considering their beer pricing. the thing is, it's weird, considering that their wine pricing is pretty much in line with everywhere else, and their cocktails are too. but their beer prices run $1-2 more than what everywhere else charges for a pint, for a glass that sure doesn't seem like a pint -- if it is, then it's slightly less egregious, but still, EIGHT DOLLARS for a glass of dogfish head 60 minute IPA*? i pay less at citizens bank park. i will, of course, still frequent the place, since there are so many other things i like about it, but will not be buying beer there. (edit: which is a shame, because i am of the opinion that some beers go fantastically with oysters) come on now, oyster house. it's beer. we can go on and on about quality and selection and this and that, but in the end there's no excuse for that kinda gouging. *don't go by the online menu; i was there tonight and this was the price
  18. i like villa di roma, and also criniti's
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    Hot Dogs in Philly

    they have it at moe's.
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    they closed bc the building was unstable. they're moving somewhere nearby -- michael klein wrote about it so if you search the inquirer or foobooz or mealticket or something you should be able to find the info.
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    Ladder 15

    i went after the flower show a couple of weeks ago. the cooking is indeed bar food with david ansill's twist. what can you say, the guy has a pretty recognizable style of cooking, and is good at translating it to different contexts. the burger is very good -- although what exactly you're supposed to do with the bone marrow is a little confusing, because there's no other bread to put it on or anything. i ended up just smearing it on my burger to make it even fattier, because why not. the fries are pretty good, although unlike apparently everyone else in the world i'm not a huge fan of truffle everything. the burgers come with plenty of fries, so unless you really love them don't get a separate order. the lamb empanadas are as laban described. the korean tacos are good, but kinda small for $11. fried cauliflower allows you to pretend to be healthy (hey, it's cauliflower!) while in reality allowing you to eat fried deliciousness. grilled romaine is .... i always want it to be more interesting than it is, and i've had it a couple of places. this is the same thing he had at ansill, and i always want it to taste like more of what it is. more grill flavor, more anchovy in the dressing, more everything. i think that's why i've ordered it a few times. the beer list is now pretty good, as you can see from the menu they have online, and the one cocktail we had off the new menu (the dr. strangelove) was very good and not overly sweet, although i didn't taste the vanilla bean. the space is still pretty nice -- but it always was; that wasn't the problem before. and although we were there for an early dinner, it still had plenty of curved-brim-baseball-hat-wearing dudes yelling YEAH BRO at each other every time whatever hockey team they were rooting for scored. the only issue we had was that we ended up waiting like 25+ minutes for our food after we ordered. i mean it was a long time, and the place wasn't very full, and i saw david ansill wandering through the dining room on his cell phone a couple of times while we were waiting. however, slow service was never a problem i had at my numerous visits to ansill (quite the opposite actually--sometimes i felt food came out sooner than i wanted it to), so i assume he'll iron that out. either way, the place is now a viable bar dinner option -- actually i'll go further and say for me, a desirable one. if they introduce the aforementioned 'foodie' nights, i'll probably be there, despite the use of a term i hate.
  22. ok it wouldn't solve your immediate craving, but if you want to make some, lobsters are still cheap -- $6.99/lb for chicks at the asian supermarket on 4th & spring garden
  23. oh right, it was yann i was thinking of
  24. mrbigjas

    Philly Area Gastropub

    agree with north 3rd. consistently good food, very nice beer list. good god, looking at this list, this town is crazy full of great places to eat and get good beer.
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    Philly Area Gastropub

    also johnny brenda's in fishtown. http://www.johnnybrendas.com