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  1. If you are trying to keep your coffee hot for more than two hours, it is a waste of time, since the coffee flavor degrades after that. Simply make a new pot. For the first pot be sure that the water is at 200°F when brewing and the vacuum container is preheated with hot tap water, and the cups to be used are preheated, plastic cones don't need preheating. If you add milk or other liquids, preheat them. There are very few coffee makers that provide 200° water, and not many have the glass vacuum jugs that I prefer.
  2. Pourover is a pretty common term for use in coffee shops. LaMill coffee shops in California do it properly. There used to be one in the Baltimore Four Seasons, but it closed last week. It is really difficult to find pourover coffee on the road. At home I use a #6 Melitta clear plastic filter cone, using "If You Care" unbleached #6 paper filters. I have a nice burr grinder to fresh grind the beans, a Gaggia MDF0032. Water is filtered to remove chlorine and brought to 198°, and a small amount is poured on the fresh ground beans to wet them. After 30 seconds, 400 ml more water is added, and 30 seconds later 400 ml more water. This is for about 50 g of fresh ground beans at drip setting. More coffee, more water. I put the filter and cone over a glass thermos carafe, in my case a 1.5 L Emsa Auberge. The coffee is good for about 3 hours. http://www.kitchenemporium.com/Frieling-Mini-Chrome-Auberge-Beverage-Server_p_461.html#.U6g1dhZ2VLo The beans I use are an organic fair trade coffee from Indonesia. Flores Bajawa Ngura, roasted to city roast. I purchase coffee from Royal Coffee in 60 kg bags. http://www.royalny.com/ I roast my own using a Gene Cafe roaster. http://www.sweetmarias.com/prod.details-genecafe.php Roasted coffee lasts about a week, ground roasted coffee about 2 hours, unroasted green beans about 2 years.
  3. Eph

    Green Beans: The Topic

    Thanks, Nancy. That was probably it. The olive oil probably had no effect, so I'll try adding lemon zest and juice on completion.
  4. Eph

    Green Beans: The Topic

    I tried some green beans in my Caso sous vide unit yesterday. A recipe I found said to do 180° for 90 minutes, the same as for some potatoes I was doing for mashed potatoes. The mashed potatoes came out fine after finishing in a food processor, and the beans tasted fine and were a good consistency, but the color was olive drab, similar to canned beans. I did toss the beans with olive oil, lemon juice, and some lemon zest before sealing and cooking. How do I get the bright green color most prefer?
  5. Sadly, PABU and Lamill coffee shop at the Four Seasons are now closed. Lamill still exists on the west coast. They made pour over coffee that is like the kind I make at home, much better than the crap they have free at the Four Seasons. PABU was an Asian fusion that had about 1000 different sake offerings by region in Japan, and excellent food. Both of these places closed on the same day.
  6. Eph

    Nom Nom Ramen

    One of favorite places in Philly. When we go to an open practice at the Philadelphia Orchestra, we walk there for lunch. The food is a far cry from those packaged noodle cups. Spider crab is great.