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  1. how about modernist food to start? I thought the Labo culinaire on St. Laurent would be, but it wasn't (although the food was amazing) I'll probably ask more as I explore!
  2. In the recipe for omelettes in MCAH, p. 147, the shown pan seems to have a plastic or rubber handle. Does anyone know what model this pan is? I've found it a bit hard to find oven-safe pans with that sort of handle.
  3. Which devices (e.g. "cheesecloth" or "strainer of Brand X/style Y") would be best to use to make sure that the mix is smooth enough to minimize or eliminate the risk of it clogging a whipper? By the way, I asked this in another forum but I haven't had any answers yet! http://cooking.stackexchange.com/questions/34996/straining-methods-for-liquids-to-be-used-in-whipping-siphon
  4. Thank you everyone! It's good to know about the SVM 1500D HD PID controller and Testek. In terms of hardware, I'm thinking of getting the following: - digital scale - thermometer (the one I have hasn't been great) - pressure cooker - sous vide appliance (I think my rice cooker wouldn't work properly with the PID controller) - whipping siphon + nitrous oxide - immersion blender - dehydrator Louis-Frederic - thank you for the offer! I'm trying to find a way to private-message you but I haven't been able to do that. In any case - do you have any specific recommendations for shopping online or in person for those items, or has amazon.ca been enough? (I've found it to be fairly limited with some other appliances in comparison to amazon.com before!) I might try to also check out Testek at some point, although maybe if other places don't have more competitive prices. I'll let you know if there are ingredients that I can't find in case you've had to get them or to see if you happen to have any extra!
  5. Thanks Mikemac! Any other recommendations for a newcomer to Montreal to explore exciting restaurants and the food scene here? Modernist, nonmodernist options and everything in between is welcome!
  6. I'm in a similar position to RLJ and I'm now based in Montreal. Louis-Frederic, have you found it better to buy gear and ingredients online or in person? If the latter, which places would you recommend in Montreal?
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