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  1. Hi! As many of you are probably aware by the number of forums crammed with razor-sharp-knife-addicts, japanese knives are quite trendy among chefs... from the 3-star chef to the not-so-money-conscious home cook (precisely the kind of cook that will afford MC^^). The point of my post is not to start a philosophical debate on whether or not there are good european- or american-style knives, nor to say all knives with a "japan style" label are excellent. Yet I must confess that from the day I cut my first veggie with a quality japanese knife, it changed both my food prep experience AND my appre
  2. Wow, that's right on target! Interesting to see all the creative debate and how we can put state-of-the-art analysis techniques to use in our basic kitchen activities! Thanks... Nick. PS: Probably this post would be better off in "Modernist Techniques", thanks!
  3. Hello, I didn't realize that maybe the reason there was no answer to my posts on the blog may be that I should probably post them here instead... Here is my problem: It seems to me that there is more to torching food that the oxidizing flame. One aspect, which I haven‚’t seen mentioned in MC or MCAH -but I may be mistaken- is the coating of the surface. I recently purchased a MAPP torch, which on the same night did extremely well on the instant swiss meringue, and gave my barely-medium-rare salmon the taste of burnt hair. And videos I have seen on the net of chefs torching nigirizushi, for i
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