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  1. Another one here for cardboard folded over and duck tape. Use it for my cleavers and a couple of knives that are in the draw.
  2. Thought of two (2) other ways. Will cook a pound of pasta in a 4 qt. sauce pan. I just break the pasta in half. Less water and cooks faster. Second way was new windows, blown in insulation in the roof above the kitchen, and new duct work for the hood. Huge difference in the gas bill.
  3. !) LED lights in kitchen. Have around 15 cans in the ceiling. One (1) LED = about 6 of the old lights. 2) Pressure cooker 3) Induction hot plate 4) One (1) pot dinners 4) If I'm going to roast one (1) chicken in the oven, might as well roast four (4). My record for roasing chickens in the oven is nine (9).
  4. NEPolarbear

    Chicken Stock

    Agree with the others concerning using a pressure cooker. Making more an efficient quality concentrated stock than ever. Roughly 1 hr on high pressure and slow / natural release.
  5. A variation has orzo in it.
  6. Referred to above. http://www.hippressurecooking.com/learn-to-pressure-cook/
  7. Need a little education here. If the cooking pan / pot is heated correctly with proper fat / oil, wouldn't it be non stick?
  8. Yeah, I read that on their site, but kept forgetting about the steam part. Have the BSO, but this is for a gift. Thanks for the reminder.
  9. What is the recommended minimum clearance under a cabinet?
  10. Buy a small inexpensive lap top to use in the kitchen. The laptop can then act as a backup to your desktop when it crashes. It will crash.
  11. I dry brine chicken for two (2) days in the fridge. Roast in my oven in the vertical position. (see above post) Similar temp and process of roasting twice. Can roast up to eight (8) chickens at once this way. Will admit though, the skin in the video is better than mine. Always afraid of burning the skin.
  12. NEPolarbear

    Pork Chops

    If you have the chops (pun intended) cook in both at the same time to see what is best for you.
  13. Saute the garlic separately and pour it on the potatoes after they are done roasting.
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