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  1. I had dinner several hours ago at THOR. I had been to the hotel back when it was under construction to check out the rooms, but the entrance way wasnt quite finished yet. You enter in what seems like a white cave, it kinda reminded me of George restaurant on top of the Centre Pompidou in Paris Anyways, the hostess was very attentive and nice as she took us to our table. The space was very nice, minimalistic, reminiscent of Wallse in a sense. Anyways, our server was one of the most attentive I have ever encountered. I told her that I was a vegetarian and would it be possible to make something u
  2. Chef Katie I hope that your first day at Olives went well!! Please let us all know what you thought about it. Oh and i want to know if your whole name is on your sous chef coat or only the last name you like L
  3. Having known Katie for several years and having been cooked many meals by her, it is a bit hard to be objective, but here goes I didnt watch every episode because i have been away, but on the episodes that i did catch, Katie was always on top of her game. Yes she had her faults and like all the other contestants, she was called on them. They did not let her off easily when they thought that she was slacking. I m very surprised at all these comments about her being "gruff". Have any of you worked in a kitchen, i ve never met an executive chef be "really warm" in the kitchen, outside of the ki
  4. Bonjour All! Sorry its taken me a little while to get back to this board. After Paris I was only home in NYC before flying to Denver. Anyways, here are my thoughts on being a vegetarian in Paris after years of consuming anything and everything, very very difficult and a little depressing. VEGETABLE: Like I mentioned earlier I had Passard's famous egg dish, I was so impressed with the presentation of this dish. 3 perfect brown eggs in little egg holders, all precisely cut at the seemingly same place to reveal fluffy little egg white loveliness inside. The more I thought about what I ate, I m
  5. just a quick message... ate lunch at Vegetable today and it blew me away. i went alone but the two gentlemen seated next to me filled me in on the details! one of the, was a huge Arpege fan and told me what i definately had to try i ll give more detail once i m in the US as i have some wine drinking ahead of me, but the eggs were one of the most unique things to ever touch my mouth i m still thinking of ways to describe their texture.. not quite mouse like; not quite egg white like.... i opted for the risotto though the mqn next to me said i should get the pea grapefruit basil dish and the
  6. I am certainly not here to pick a fight, but you response was utterly and completely close minded. You ve never met at French vegetarian, well then, i guess you ve met every french person on earth then, havent you. Please, its that exact attitude that partially prevents vegetarian restaurants from opening, To all the other responses,. I will be sure to check out Primtemps, i was thrilled to hear about it! I am proud to be a vegetarian and I m not going to stop because one city doesnt have as many options as say New York. je dois finir a faire mes valises!! Merci encore lauren
  7. Tomorrow night I leave for my first trip to France since I became a vegetarian last year. I m a bit nervous since so much of my previous trips have revolved around food. In New York I have found no problems having amazing vegetarian food, in both casual and upscale places. The restaurants do not have to be vegetarian( though are welcomed), but just places that would be more accomodating to my needs. Any advice would be much appreciated! They can be typical french or other types of cuisine. Merci lauren
  8. Yes but she has been living in NY for years and has worked for one of the best chefs of our time. Also, she may come off bitchy and I told her myself that she came off as having an attitude on the show,( my personal favorite line having to do with people messing with her mise en place and her response " I m from NY and I ll F**** Kill you") but that is the beauty of fine editing, they have the power to choose the personalities of the shows contestants to some degree anyways, i ve only seen 2 episodes, and I m gone the rest of the summer is there a way to get old episdoes?
  9. Hello Everyone I had a wonderful dessert at chikalicious the other night. It was a dried fruit risotto with an almond tuile and roasted almond icecream. The risotto was more like rice pudding and was perfect in consistancy. the risotto was the size of a petri dish and the almond tuile covered it and was a bit large with the roasted almond icream on top. it was delicious. I really enjoyed the 3 different textures together, the smooth, cold, of the icream followed by the crisp sweet tuile and then to the semi sweet softness of the risotto. all in all very nicely done. the amuse was a lemon milk
  10. I have a reservation for Per Se on May 17th. When I made the reservation, I mentioned that I was a vegetarian to make sure that they would do one veg. tasting menu and one non. What I was shocked to hear, though I guess I shouldn't have been, was that they cook the veg. tasting menu in animal stocks,( since i m used to veg. meals cooked in veg. broths) so she made a note that it had to be all vegetarian. I m not sure how many people here have had the veg tasting menu and i m wondering how much of a difference in taste my meal will have being made without the normal stocks used. Considering the
  11. Hello everyone, Its been a while but since I actually went somewhere new to me last night I thought that I'd share. I was at an event in the time warner mall, uh center and afterwards I decided to indulge by having dessert at Cafe Gray. It was around 10pm and the place was still busy, so I knew I wouldnt be a nuissance by having dessert or I wouldnt have stayed. In any case, I sat at one of the comfy round tables in the bar room. The room itself was a bit much for me. I wasnt too fond of all those mirrors everywhere. But the music was lovely and it wasnt too loud. I checked out the entire men
  12. Hello all, I havent been on for a while. I just got back from a couple of months in South America, but its nice to be in NYC again In any case, i went to an "old" favorite of mine. I went early on so that it wasnt very busy yet. I chose the apple pudding cake with creme fraiche sauce and a granny apple sorbet. The cake was really rich and delicious, that paired with the creaminess of the creme fraiche and the cold, refreshing taste of the granny apple sorbet made for a lovely combination. as always they were very friendly and i sat at the bar so i could watch Donna and Chika prepare the dess
  13. i wish my office was a garden too,,,, but i have central park across the street for lunch i guess that s good enough....
  14. goslings is a fun word. sorry random thought, it s been a long day
  15. a la carte, I m curious, really as how you can still be hungry, i admit i am a fairly small framed woman, but i am always left stuffed when i leave there, maybe its the extra dessert i eat that fills me up, who knows! I guess that for me when i used to eat sushi, it would take a lot to fill me up,,,,
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