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  1. I'm a fan of Omactl Dos from Montezuma. It contains 73% cocoa solids and has ground chili added to it for a bit of kick. Yum!
  2. My family just came in from out-of-town (we're from Vancouver) and we needed to place to eat. Saw this thread, I live very nearby and next thing you know we were at Brunoise! I've seen many of you post about your meals so I thought I'd take a shot at doing the same.. though a warning is in order because I am most definately a rookie at this and food in general so if it ever seems like i'm mixed up or have something wrong, I probably do! And if I seem unsure about something, let there be no doubt that I am.. It just looks like so much fun discussing meals that I had to try it.. so here is my take on Brunoise.. It's a small little place tucked into a short building on st andre, corner of Roy. There is beautiful view from inside up Roy street.. my parents found it picturesque and very "Montreal".. Definately representative of the Plateau. We were eating fairly early and so there were never too many others there.. quite a few young couples, it seemed. Our pretty, young waitress was very friendly and seemed knowledgable of the menu. Apparently she also goes to McGill, my soon-to-be alumni. Dinner started with an amuse.. a small cup of vichyssoise with two prawns sitting in it. The prawns were tasty, and the vichyssoise was delicious.. rich and creamy (you coud see droplets of oil) with tiny potato chunks.. smooth, hearty texture. As an appetizer I had the spring vegetables with pine nuts, black radishes and herbed ricotta to start.. the veggies were fresh and delicious.. lots of greeny leafy stuff, white asparagus, and the radishes in a light but sweet dressing.. also some items that looked sort of like small cocktail onions, pretty sure they weren't those, though. anyway they were also delicious and I gobbled them right up. I wasn't a huge fan of the ricotta accompaniment.. I would have preferred goat cheese but I love the stuff and will eat it with anything. My mother had the mushroom tart with eggplant caviar.. oh wow.. If I went back I would definately have this.. thinly sliced mushrooms in a cute little tart configuration topped with greenery and filo layers? i only had a bite and had maybe two minutes to have a look before it was completely devoured! My Father had the mussels... I'd never tried mussels before. I gave it a go and was pleasantly surprised. My Dad is a big sea food fanatic, particularly for shellfish, and he thought it was wonderful. My main was the rabbit. It came in two pieces, I guess one the thigh and the other a sort of rabbit sausage kind of thing. Quite tasty, but I wish the orange flavour had been a little stronger. Also, the sauce was very salty.. I found myself rubbing the meat against the side of the plate to rid it of the salty liquid at times. The accompanying gnocci were tasty.. potato filling? don't know, couldn't really determine it.. Mom had the house Ravioli stuffed with ricotta and pine nuts (maybe something else, too?).. Quite tasty, I thought. She loved it. The raviolis were quite large and there were several of them. This main was served with vegetables directly on the plate, unsual for a pasta course (?) but quite welcome.. My Father had the veal.. the sauce accompanying this was also very salty.. he complained it was so salty he had trouble eating it. Once the intial saltiness of the sauce was past, though, the food itself was quite good. But each taste began with this salty burst from the sauce, he lamented. Desserts were awesome. I had the vanilla panicotta. Had it slurped up in about two minutes. Topped with a tasty passion fruit, syruppy kind of clear sauce. Mom had the Lemon tart. This was so good.. the pastry was crisp and the lemon was zingin', topped with meringue that was just slightly burnt on top.. nice. Dad had the pound cake with orange marmelade and something else I can't remember.. This was also very good. served on a long, narrow plate in three different little groupings. the cake was rich and tasty.. service was a bit slow but we didn't mind dwelling in such a cozy place! quite a nice evening.. just wish the salt were spared at times. One thing none of us could believe was the price.. seemed more than reasonable. The 'rents (who paid) were certainly fond of this prix fixe menu.
  3. maybe you forgot to remove the period at the end of the URL, docsconz?
  4. They also have a great website where you can read up on St. Viateur history and get exact store locations: http://www.stviateurbagel.com/
  5. Is Baila really closed? I walk by there every day early in the evening and the tables all appear to be set with candles lit, also people drinking at the bar.... ?
  6. Another one to stay away from is Los Altos On Prince Arthur at de Bullion. Don't be enticed by the mirror ball and dancing that takes place at night.. The food tastes like it's come straight from the microwave, mushy and near textureless. I've had a couple decent meals at Zazium on Roy St. at St. Dominique. This place has a patio that they close in during the winter. It's got a pretty fun and energetic atmosphere and is popular with people my age (20-30). Very kitsch and colourful style. Pretty much the opposite of a fine dining experience.. The napkins are simply a roll of toilet paper placed on an old corona bottle. :) The food is pretty good, though, and fairly inexpensive, mains being in the range of $10 - $20. They also have a lot of interesting cocktails that they serve by the jug. Wish I could remember more but it's been a while.
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    A link for anyone who's interested in reading more about the Coca-Cola/Olive Garden "Just Say No to H2O" campaign that was mentioned on the first page of this thread: http://www.commondreams.org/headlines01/0902-01.htm
  8. Lesley, There are many more of us transplanted Vancouverites who are in love with Montreal than are not. :) I've seen you talk about the high quality of Montreal breads in this and other threads. Can you recommend a place on the Plateau where I can buy a good whole wheat or multigrain bread? (and thanks for including a heads up about this forum in your Gazette column!)
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