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  1. A rice cooker with a warm setting. It works great and is fast. Although I do single servings in the micro.
  2. I made this for the first time the other night. It was so good. Added 2 small very finely chopped carrots and celery sticks (as long as they are very finely chopped it's an amazing addition) and now and again I add a bit of squash. Also add a can of corn to the mix, bay leaf and cumin. Left out the flour etc, just boiled a bit more to evaporate extra moisture. Really good this!
  3. sandrew834

    Sous vide tofu

    As tofu doesn't really take to marinades, this seems like a great way to get a lot of flavor into the tofu. The dish I served above was amused of just a simple cube of the seared tofu with a chaser of a lime supreme in lemongrass/basil/mint oil. The tofu was good, but a little grainy. It looked like the TG started to react and set before I even poured it out of the blender, so I'd try a little cooler temp next time, especially if I had a little longer to let it set. The silken tofu turned out a little smoother. It holds together enough to slice but definitely a little more fragile. Came home from my soccer game last night and made a sandwich of Swiss cheese, fried egg, slice of bacon and a slab of curry tofu drizzled with the triple herb oil. Not fine dining, but it was a damn tasty sandwich.
  4. sandrew834

    Stuffed Mushrooms

    I love stuffed mushrooms! Just like the commenter above, I probably have never made them the same way twice. No real recipe, just use whatever I have on hand to make the stuffing. Italian sausage works well, but I really prefer a meatless stuffing. I always add just a touch of green pepper, because I love the flavor. No matter the stuffing, I always drizzle the tops with olive oil just before popping them into the oven. It really does make a difference.
  5. I made this beef bourguignon last night and had no problems whatsoever and it was really terrific. I omitted the pearl onions just because I bought the ingredients before I found this recipe. I used dried porcine mushrooms only and the soaking liquid. It adds a distinct flavor. I’m having it again tonight.
  6. sandrew834

    Delicata squash

    This is a wonderful fall soup! I used buttercup squash, because that is what I had on hand. Roasting the squash gives the soup a nutty, full bodied flavor. I had to roast the squash for about a full hour because the buttercup is larger than delicate, of course. I adjusted the ratio of broth and cream slightly based on my amount of squash, 2 buttercup squash, 2 cups broth, and 1 cup cream. It turned out perfect. Pureeing the soup at the end makes it so frothy and light tasting. It was a huge hit with our dinner guests! Add a couple little sprigs of fresh chives on top when serving for an elegant presentation. I will definitely make this again. It was so simple and delicious!
  7. This has a unique twist on a regular kale salad I make with tannin-garlic dressing. I mixed the roasted kale with a spicy salad mix from the farmers market, toasted some walnuts, and made the dressing with nutritional yeast. I’m glad I have some kale left so I make it again for myself tomorrow! I love that it has strong flavors but they’re balanced well.
  8. sandrew834


    I add a peeled and shredded green apple to mine. It helps get the fermentation processes started. This is a genius way to weight down your sauerkraut or any veggie one wants to ferment. Great recipe! If possible an airlock top to the jar is optimum. It keeps out the oxygen that bad bacteria want and lets the gases escape so the jar does not explode. Creating a non aerobic environment for the fermentation process keeps the good stuff fermenting the veggies. Cabbage is one of those veggies that do not need a starter. Cucumbers are another. If you want a starter for your veggies, they can be found on line at Cultures for Health, GEM and other sites.
  9. After using this recipe for our recent Thanksgiving get-together of three families, I have been proclaimed the official turkey roaster. 12 out of 12 said it was the best turkey they ever tasted. The most difficult part of this recipe was finding a bucket large enough to accommodate the turkey. Then the bucket wouldn't fit into the fridge. I didn't feel comfortable leaving it out all night, so I found a large cooler, placed the bucket in there and surrounded it with freezer packs. It worked very well - it was still very cold the next morning. After checking out several "brine" recipes, I didn't read of anyone actually stuffing the turkey so I wasn't certain whether the stuffing would end up too salty. I stuffed it anyway, but rinsed the turkey with cold water first. It was excellent! Try this once and you'll never go back to your regular recipe!
  10. sandrew834

    Ramen Burgers

    I loved these ramen burgers! I included one of the seasoning packets in with the noodles and they had TONS of flavor. I also mixed the chopped green onions into patty. So delicious - and not really a burger as much as a mix of all those incredible Japanese flavors: soy, sesame, onion, and noodles. Surprisingly tasty!
  11. sandrew834

    Peanut Sauce

    I used unsweetned coconut milk instead of water. I also found that I about doubled the amount of water(coconut milk) to thin out the sauce. I also used natural crunchy peanut butter from Trader Joe's. I doubled the amount of chili paste and sugar too. I also added Sriracha sauce to taste. It was so yummy that I could drink it. Thanks for the base recipe!
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