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  1. Yes i do always. I bring Indian food along with some fruits with me. I eat the food first then after a gap of some 2 hours eat fruits like Apple, Peach, Papaya or Watermelon..
  2. Same here I also prepare to have water.. But if there are items like Burgers, Pizza's, Nacho's then would like to go with Soft Drinks rather than water as it helps to swallow food easily and gives some taste to it...
  3. For me it does not matter whether i read it on E-books or the normal books. According to me if you have a passion of reading then can adjust with whatever you like. Also I will say E-book is better than normal books not in terms of reading but say for instance if you are out on a vacation, or tour, travelling some where instead of carrying the bunch of books (which will obviously weigh more) i would prefer E-books..
  4. Wow that sounds great however is this plan available in India too...
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