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  1. I am using the reverse method and am using them as I go but it would be really handy to have them stored so other less experience bar staff can use them if im not there... ive noticed molecule-r do a caviar in jars on there web sight you can buy so that's why im guessing its possible, ive ordered a couple of jars to see how they do it if I can. ive also emailed them but as of yet haven't gotten a reply.... I experiment with a few options and let you know if anything works well. biggest seller at the moment is a coffee infused vodka caviar suspended in a vanilla vodka and white creme de cacao shot... ...
  2. Hi guys ..Was wanting to store my flavoured caviar for my cocktails in the bar and was wondering the best way. Any help would be appreciated
  3. a great blanco straight up with a great sangrita ......yummmmmmm!!! and strange as it sounds this combo im planning on putting on my next menu "jangles" nicely vanilla infused el jimador tequila muddled lychee lime, lemon and ginger agave syrup shake dumped into a short top up with ice rimmed with a sugar salt vanilla combo.... sounds strange but if you get that balance right its a great sweeter tequila option...the girls at my bar have been going mad for it lately and good feedback from majority who have tried it ...
  4. awesome thanks guys......
  5. Hi guys, want to get a foamer probably an isi or similar for use in the bar....was wondering if anyone had any experience, tips, recipes that may be helpful. Thanks
  6. Plum and pomegranate (pom) Collins ..... beefeater summer edition gin pomegranate liquor half a lemon couple of plums teaspoon of superfine sugar (abrasive) Made this one up last summer muddle lemon plums and sugar ice add gin + pom shake dump enjoy..... Sweet but that's my clientele my 2c
  7. My shot of choice if not a great Tequila with a side of sangrita would have to be 50/50 JD and Kahlua .....
  8. lot of talk about hating mojitos ....last xmas was making over a thousand a month, could smash out a beautiful muddled shaken garnished drink in 1 minute flat and had people from all over the world (cuba, ect) coming back for more.... The one thing I hate HATE HATE!!!!!!!!!!! is someone asking me for Bacardi which we don't stock (but still stock 10 other rums and spiced rums ) and after I have explained all about how Havana club is now no1 rum in cuba or stolen is locally made or try a nice dark rum or spiced rum.............. " Naaaaaaaa its alright ill just have a vodka lemonade" ...AAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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