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  1. Cottage cheese + cream + hovey + berries = my favorite kind of breakfast. I Love berries and any (almost) kind of chees! Perfect breakfast looks like this to me))

    Failed to add fotos((((((

  2. Question for all: does anyone else feel like pressure cooked meats and meat dishes like beef stew taste "canned" ? I did my usual beef stew in a PC once, and it tasted like Dinty Moore. Blagh!

    My guess is if you used a conventional beef stew recipe in the pressure cooker, it probably wouldn't come out well. There's a couple of things you need to adapt. First, you need to reduce the liquid by about a third. There's far less evaporation inside a pressure cooker, therefore you don't need as much liquid. I usually will add a teaspoon or two of beef base to compensate for any lost beef broth I would have started with, depending on the volume of the meal. Second, if there's any alcohol in the recipe, you need to reduce that as well. I would probably start with 2 tablespoons at most, and see how that is. (You can always add more after pressure cooking, and just let it boil for a few minutes to get rid of as much of the alcohol as possible.) Third thing is, pressure cooking can dull some herbs and spices. I would add any fresh herbs in at the end, after pressure cooking. And although Jane Sass recommends increasing spices by a third before pressure cooking, I actually "bloom" them instead, that is, saute them for a minute in a little oil, before adding the rest of the ingredients and putting the lid on. Blooming the spices increases the fragrance and the taste, and IMHO, compensates somewhat for any dulling of the spices pressure cooking may do.

    so simple, how long does it take to cook herbs under the lid? so that spices lose no flavor and taste

  3. I know with the OCB around here they do not include the drink in the price of the meal. I wanna say they charged like $3 or so for the drink. It's like with fast food joints, they may have a cheap burger special to get you in the door, then they charge a lot for your extras like your fries and drink.

    I think that's the way it goes. And cheap ingredients as well. One should understands that you can't get good pizza and salad for $5. It keeps me interested what that's made of?)) :blink:

    This kind of restaurants don't work for their own detriment it's clear. So avoid fast foods if you can. It's no good.

  4. Yes, it depends on your aim. When I need garlic's flavor I smash garlic and remove it's core. And that goes to hot oil. This will release garlic juice and enrich oil with garlic flavor. In minute or two and throw it out. Oil will keep the flavor for 15...20 minutes while cooking. This mostly works for vegatables, pasta and anything esle that is cooked fast.

    And when I need strong flavor and light taste of garlic I add it (with core removed) in last five minutes deep inside the pan. And also remove garlic after but it's the matter of habbit.

  5. Everything that smells the way it should. Fruits and berries that smell like misty garden early in the morning, fish that smells of sea. I came to conclusion that I'd rather stay hungry for a while than eat something that has no smell or has unnatural odor or taste.

    And one more thing, do you eat foods if you don't know/can't understands what it is made of? :huh:

    Couldn't agree more. Last time I was back in Canada I considered some peaches at the supermarket, but they smelled like cardboard. The ones off my tree here at home smell engagingly and complexly like peaches, and taste like 'em too.

    If I don't know what's in it and it's a prepared dish at a comedor or similar, or at a roadside cart, I'll try it once. If it's a prepackaged deal with a list of ingredients as long as my arem, that have more than 2 or 3 syllables and very chemical names, it's not going in my belly.

    Yes!! I always ask my friends to leave can on shelfs it you can't imagine it's ingredients growing, flying, running or swimming))

  6. I'd add something unexpected! If it tastes light cover it with few drops of fresh lemon juiсe and serve with cranberry or raspberry sauce. That will add more colours and smell.

    Or if you think that berries don't go good with tomatoes than use a bit sweet banana sauce. And do not mix this all. Let your visitors experiment and share their experience and take part in creating Perfect salad. :smile:

  7. MelissaH it all depends on your preference only! I'd probably take squere sink with rounded lower corners next time for I have now round sink and I want to try something new. My friend says - you have to see it to know you like it)) maybe this will help you.

    heidih one more thing that made me worry. Natural granite may contain radioactive elements. People mostly pay no attention to this fact but I think it's important to be aware of things like this. You can see here more http://www.epa.gov/radiation/tenorm/granite-countertops.html

  8. I never new it's called Pavlova) I love berries and make some "modifications of Pavlova" frequently)

    I not sure how it's called but my oven has heavy cast iron plates inside so it stays warm for long time. I make small meringues and cook them at 100°C for 60...80 minutes (that depends on size) and leave them inside till morning. And get crispy tiny 4...6 inch meringues. I also add few balsamic vinegar drops to get color of caramel and hard peaks faster. And one more thing, I always use a bit warmed Dry!! bowl for whipping. And cooled egg whites - but that's no surprise)

    Any more tips?

  9. OMG! These all made me hungry! Amazing! These are works of art! Even though I try to avoid meat - all this posts did not left me indifferent.

    It's so much better than Instagram!! Thank you everybody! You inspired me! :rolleyes::cool:

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