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  1. I love the old fashion tomato soup, when I make tomates farcies, I use the pulp with water and beef stock let it simmer for a while, mash it then salt pepper and butter and it is the most delicious soup ever!
  2. leeks and potato soup...just plain delicious
  3. Thanks all for clarifying fusion, never realized when I made a ratatouille I was actually making a fusion dish. I read three times the very first post and I still don't understand what the fuss is all about. And I have been to college and speak two languages not that it is a big deal but to let you know I am familiar with different writings.. If it is about the word comfort food, I think it means simple easy to make foods that taste and looks really appetizing on your plate therefore making you feel good-------> comfort-able-------> comfort food , no?!!!
  4. I would think like all canned products, in a cool place no direct sunlight, preferably eaten within one year..never tasted those..many many quails in my yard right now though, hah!

  5. so now I am thinking a push cart just to see how it goes, but now if you do cooking dont you have to have the 3 sinks running water, hot dogs just sit in the water, but crepes??
  6. Great news!! I too would like to start my own food truck and i am of course scared of the unknown...but not that much! Now I am wondering about the farmers market and a little surprised because so many have their own food stands and absolutely don't want any part of any competition, so i am a little curious on how you got in..do you mind sharing how, thanks!
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